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    Jan 16, 2014
    Hello chickadees!

    As a new subscriber, I entered a post introducing myself and explained I had five chickens and a rooster and that the chickens were currently not laying. Several suggestions ensued, and I wanted to give you geniuses an update: eggs are being laid in the correct location! I used plaster of Paris to make eggs yesterday, using plastic Easter eggs as a mold. By the way, if you would like to attempt this, use something to keep the plaster from adhering to the plastic. I used Pam. It did not work. I ended up cracking the eggshells, which was fine because I have like 5000 plastic Easter eggs. The four eggs I created were placed in strategic locations and I'll be if one of my sweet chickens did not decide one of the decoys was lonely. Woo hoo!

    Point two was to keep the chickens in the coop until they understood that was where eggs belong. Score two for you! (Well, except for the eggs I find in the cow's pen, but what chicken can resist a 10'x10' hay-lined pen, I mean, for Pete's sake it looks just like the world's largest nest).

    And the last point was the amount of sunshine - or light - they receive. Sure enough, I let them out earlier in the morning to forage and they reward me with edibles. Yay chickens! The little darlings are banging out two eggs a day, which is remarkable for phoenixes. In the summertime the average is 7 every 2 days, so they are working toward their optimum output.

    You guys rock!


    p.s. I have realllllllllyyyyyy sloooooow Internet, so please have patience with me. If I respond sporadically or post seldom, blame HughesNet. I do it all the time.
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    Great news!

    You can also fill plastic Easter eggs with sand or whatever, to give them some weight, then glue them shut. the chickens don't seem to care what color they are.
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    Ugh, HughesNet - I'm sorry you have to have them for an internet provider. They are awful. We had them for years and thankfully another service opened up.

    Great news on your hens "mostly" laying where they should. I like your description of the cow pen, I bet it does look like a huge nest to a chicken. [​IMG]

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