Yuck, yuck, yuck, duck house


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
Deep cleaning the ducks nights shelter for the first time since last fall. It's gets the old straw taken out and fresh straw at least once a week, but all duck folks know they manage to poop EVERYWHERE!!! Yuck! That and cleaning the big run they share with the LF hens. NASTY!!! Here in the PNW we've had such a wet, wet, winter nothing has dried out for months unless it's frozen. Now it's warm and for 2 whole days not raining so it's shovel and scrape while we can.
I did mine on Saturday- It was only two weeks since it was last done. From one bale of hay and one bag of shavings used in the night pens- a raked and shovelled up 8 bags of soiled material.

Its a horrible job I know...but the duckies will all be so happy tonight when they go into such a clean pen again.
I am SO SO SO glad I have an old house for my ducks to go into. I have thick foam like matting on the floors and a layer of shaving. I clean out mostly every day or every 2 days if I have been out and busy.
gofasterstripe, i've seen your pics, and all I can say is its a good thing you're so sweet because your ducks' house makes me green with envy.
Thank god for small mercies. I dont know what I would do if I had a small duck house...I do know I would have less ducks

The house is an eye sore but good Lord it has came in handy I tell ya, The guy we bought this place from was in the middle of doing it up, put on a new roof, new floors and some new walls. I just wish he had left the doors on.Tomorrow is a new project. Wood panels to block door ways to make bathroom into another duck room for Elliot & Gemini and all the other little ducklings, plus the new ones DH DOESNT KNOW about yet
. I have to cover the outside of the windows with mess and build a gate in the middle of the room and 1 for the door way, put down rubber floor mats and we are good to go. They I still have the hallway I can use. Ill take before and after pics this week once the tenents are moved in.
We did the same thing here in Portland today. The chickens and ducks share a house and in late Spring-Fall we are religious about cleaning it out every 2 weeks. Winter in the Pac. NW is another story!
Ours is about 2 weeks past the time we usually let it go to.
WHEW, stinky!
But, its cleaned and aired out now.
Rain, rain and more rain has kept things VERY soggy for the Winter.
It was nice not to have any rain today.... I could walk in my yard and not squish.

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