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    soooo i sell eggs by the dozen at my work:). a very good friend of mine usually eats one a day. she hardboils it etc.
    well me and some other co-workers are sitting in the break room having coffee etc. and my friend with the egg adds salt and pepper , take a seat next to me and bites her egg. it was green inside.[​IMG]....i was so embarrased. have no idear why! she eats one everyday too! she threw it in the trash. why did this happen. she did not over cook it.[​IMG] strange. i was embarrased. [​IMG]

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    It's really likely that your friend just over-boiled the egg, but if you're certain she absolutely didn't overcook it, maybe it could be this:

    I read something in a book the other day that a hen's diet will affect the color of her egg yolk. The book said that possible causes for a hen's egg to be green inside could be that maybe your gal took a bite out of some acorns or shepherd's purse, if stuff like that grows in your area.

    But it doesn't say anything about green eggs being bad to eat or anything. [​IMG] So not to worry.

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