Yukon the traveling bear...what do you think?

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    Mar 25, 2010
    So...Yukon is a Micky bear that I "rescued" from a second hand store. (Always wanted one but could never justify the $22+ they cost new. )Then found this one and named him Yukon. My husband and I (he is SO tolerant of my weird ideas) began taking Yukon with us everywhere and taking pictures of him. Just like Flat Stanley. People are so intrigued by him that they would ask to have thier picture taken with him and wanted to see the pictures so we created a facebook page for him.
    The OTHER part of the story is...I'm a BIG kid and LOVE stuffed animals. I can't resist finding one at a second hand store and "recuing" it. Well, my house is now FULL of rescued teddy bears and other plush creatures so I decided to start Yukon's Teddybear Rescue. I list many of the bears for "adoption" on E-bay and add a link to Yukon's page so the new owners can become friends with Yukon. I will also just give or send some of them off to friends (Both my Aunt and Grandma have adopted.) Or other deserving people.
    I was wondering what you all thought. Am I crazy? Or is this a good idea to "support my habit."?
    See Yukon's page here. Feel welcome to become his friend.
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    I think your heart is full and overflowing and this is a fabulous idea. Please remember the cancer wards at children's hospitals too. I sent you a friend request on FB. [​IMG] GREAT IDEA!

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