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12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I made some frozen okra for the first time today. When I first made it, it was sooo gooey! I didn't realize that this happens when you cook okra because I have never made it before. I added some cajun seasoning and some Adobo, but it was just too slimey. The internet said to add vinegar to get rid of the slime. Of course I forgot my vinegar at home (I'm at an internship) so I dumped in a bit of olive oil and vinegar dressing. I figured I'd be throwing the stuff out anyway if I couldn't fix the goo. I put the concoction back on the stove and promptly forgot about it for a few minutes. When I remembers about it again, the okra had turned a darker green and I cautiously tasted it....Delicious! It was still nice and crispy and hardly any goo. I am pretty amazed right now!

So what are some unusual cooking mistakes you have made that actually turned out delicious? I've done a ton of crazy things and they usually turn out pretty good!
Pretty cool...I love Stewed Okra with Tomatoes. I guess the acid in the tomatoes cuts the slime in the okra because I've never had a problem with it.

I just throw everything in the pot and let it simmer until it's all tender.

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