yummy pan quiche w/zucchini

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    I had lots of zucchini and lots of eggs, I make quiche all the time but it doesn't seem to go very far so I tried it this way. I made it up with the ingredients that I had and it was even kids approved! you can put your own spin on it by using different veggies! I would suggest fresh spinach or even tomatoes as well [​IMG] I have a large family and this made plenty of leftovers to zap for breakfast of lunch I used a large 14x18 pan so this could be reduced to an 11x13 pan I'm sure.

    pie crust (fresh or frozen enough for two pies, I used roll out frozen pie crust)
    cheddar cheese (I can't say how much exactly b/c I shred my own, if you use package shredded maybe 3 cups or so...depending on how much you want you want enough to cover the pan you could also use different cheese, I like sharp cheddar)
    butter or cooking oil of choice for sauteing veggies
    small sweet onion
    garlic (I use prepared chopped garlic about 2 T, but whatever you use I recommend fresh)
    one large or a couple of small zucchini's
    1 tsp turmeric
    one can of asparagus (chopped and drained)
    one can of artichoke hearts (drained)
    1 dz eggs
    one can of evaporated milk

    Spray the pan w/ non-stick cooking spray including the sides the line the bottom of the pan with pie crust.

    Lay cheese along the bottom of the pan.

    dice onion and slice and quarter zucchini

    in a large skillet (I always use and recommend iron skillet) saute onion and garlic in butter or oil (I recommend either olive or coconut if you use oil these are my oils of choice for saute) when the onions are mostly cooked down add zucchini, turmeric, and artichoke hearts and saute together keeping enough oil or butter in the pan. Cook the zucchini until it starts to get soft not falling apart and once most of the oil or butter is gone.

    Let the veggies cool a minute and the spread them inn the bottom of the pan on top of the cheese and spread the asparagus in with it as well.

    Beat the eggs and evaporated milk together in a large bowl with an egg beater and then poor the eggs into the pan.

    bake at 350 for about 20 to 30 min. I always guess at this, I just watch it, if I make it again soon I will post a time to be sure. You can tell it's done when it doesn't giggle anymore. You definitely don't want to over or under do it.

    Very yummy and a healthy vegetarian recipe! Like I said before, you can always change up the veggies depending on the season or your preference!

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    Sounds great - I'll have to try it!
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    Yummy, thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing.. [​IMG]
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    I made a variation of his tonight and it was fantastic! I used spinach, onion, bell pepper for the veggies and threw some ham in too since I had it. I made my crust from scratch too. Never would have thought to use evaporated milk and the sautéing the veggies really helped with flavor.

    Thanks again!

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