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Yes, I'm at it again with coops, actually, I've been using this set up since February, it's just the pigeon loft redone, but I figured since I have a camera, snap some pictures. We are expanding from ~8x8 to ~8x20 this year, adding another stack of bantam breeder cages and an 8x8 standard COOP. Then an additional 6x20 run for the standards. But for now, I have this

First we have the exterior. It's painted Willow Green by some brand which I can't remember but I paid like $9 for it at Walmart so probably ColorPlace. There are three sides that are fully covered, one side open except the top third. The front is hinged, with removal of 3 screws it lifts up, but that's too drafty for chicks
Coleus hanging basket, Chocolate Mint variety. Three solar lights that work sometimes


Next we have the lock. We had it with a dead bolt at one point due to neighbors, but since Willow now sleeps in the coop, we replaced it with the much easier to use Childproof hook lock thingy ma bob. To open it you have to pull the springloaded hoogymabobber and lift up at the same time. Yep.... That's a lock...

Since the coop doubles as a dog house for Willow, she needed a door. We just cut out a hole in the welded wire, when she is not in the pen we have a door that goes over it that is screwed to the wire. Hard to explain and I didn't have enough battery life to demonstrate
The plywood will be painted, but we use it to keep the grass short right there, the grass is evil around here. It's her doorstep, will be painted with pawprints and chicken footprints. Of course her toy
and he waterbowl

Inside the actual coop is a mess, please excuse it because Summer has just started, I haven't had time to clean it in a while besides the actual pens.

First we have what you see as soon as you enter, the rabbit and storage. Clover is litterbox trained so her mess is limited. She has her own fan because she gets hot easily. Her flat fan broke, so we improvised. Below her in the green tub is extra feeders/waterers, first aid kit for animals, mothballs, sulphur, mousetraps. It's pretty much the junk drawer of the coop, but stuff I need handy and that would clutter up the house. Beside the tote is a dog crate that holds the hay. We use hay, but I think this time i'm going to buy shavings, just saying. Up top is the food. Reef Crystals bucket holds chicken Layena, Fresh Step holds rabbit food and treats and the box with the paper bags are start n grow, oyster shell, and grit. Waterbottles that need to be washed to refreeze for Clover to lay on and a couple of junk pieces.

The actual breeder pens are 4x2. They hold either trios or pairs, no quads. I prefer to just have pairs, but who's to complain? Up top are the halfgrowns, not big enough to go in with their breed, but not in the heat lamp brooder pen. Below is the "bad boy" He has gotten to flogging me, so we're just going to handle that with one on one time
Below him is his 2 girls, the mottled cochins. You can see that Spot has a water bowl, not waterer. He flogs waterers, yep, he's special
He's broken 3 of them, so I just give him bowls.

On the other side of the coop is the other 3 pens. The chick brooder, duckwings, and silkies. The chicks up top are my favorite (shhhh don't tell nobody!) You can see on both sides the bottom pens fence is stretched. When Willow was a pup she'd plop down, into your leg, the fence, the pond. Pretty much just throw her weight around. She's learning though. This side is almost painted, woot.

The bachelor, Spot. My big boy that used to be sweet until we got the Duckwing rooster. Now he's evil. He makes a mess of his pen, won't eat out of normal feeder, just scratches it out, and then stands on it, so that's what his pen is a mess. It was cleaned 2 weeks ago. Don't think they are shoved in pens and forgotten about.

His girls, don't have a layer box yet, I keep saying I'll get one but I keep forgetting XD. They never like to roost so they don't have a roost, why waste the space. They sleep like silkies, in piles. I don't know why. Their combs aren't that pale, just in picture. And Dot just started moulting, weird time, really.

The duckwings have a roost, it's being cleaned which is why it's not in the picture



The silkies XD. Rose, Poppy, and Ivy (Ivy needs a home)

Eventually all but Spot's pen will have hanging waterers

Isabella showing the door

Willow in her house

The dog door and fan (got cleaned after photo) again

Willow in her home

Chicks! Rosecomb/Cochin, Mottled Cochins, Frizzles

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