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Zareba Solar electric fence review.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by rikithemonk, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. rikithemonk

    rikithemonk Songster

    Apr 19, 2012
    Mont Dora Florida
    Hello all,

    I purchased a Zareba Solar Electric Fence from Tractor Supply so that I could do a 12X12 foot fence around my small coop. I installed it using common parts that I purchased at the same time. The manufacturer recommends that you use three ground rods. I however had good results using two.


    Initial impressions. For $99 its packaged well and is sturdy looking and feeling unit.

    Installation. The unit is very simple to install you simply screw it to what ever you intend to mount it to and then tighten the ground wire and the fence wire under the two clearly labeled wing nuts. Kind of idiot proof. One observation. Because of the standard looking switch, I wasn't certain if this unit is weather resistant or needed to be protected from rain in some way. No where on the website or on the box covers this issue. Since the solar panel is part of the top of the unit I simply assumed that it was.

    Function You simply charge the battery for two days before turning it on using the switch. Touch fence to test. I have been unfortunate enough to have touched it several times when distracted and working near to it. It does work and makes you Very aware that what you don't want to do is touch it.

    Issues. Substandard parts with incompatible manufacturers replacements. I purchased this unit in the middle of April, installed it and let it charged as recommended. At first it seemed to work great but in mid November, I was surprised to discover that the fence wasn't working at all. I tested the system and came to the conclusion that the rechargeable battery had died. This was surprising since the unit was only seven months old. Since I didn't keep the receipt, I headed back to the store in order to purchase the manufacturers replacement battery.

    This cost me $35. Imagine my surprise when the manufacturers own 4 Volt battery not only didn't fit into the unit. (only slightly to large in both length and depth) but the terminal tabs on the replacement were too large to fit the units spade clips. Being irritated and already put out, I decided to make it work. I trimmed the case to accommodate the batteries close but no cigar size, as well as trimming the battery terminals to accommodate the smaller unit spade clips. Charged the new battery and reinstalled it onto my fence. To this date, its working very well.

    Conclusion good for the price only if you want to have to be Macgyver and modify everything should you have to replace the battery. Battery lasts only 7 months.

    If you don't like extremes, Pass this one bye. And for the record, I checked the packaging. It was the correct manufacturer replacement for my unit.


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