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    so i live right next to the pacific ocean in Sonoma County California. And, I have chickens :) Anyone else in a similar climate have any suggestions of what to plant in the way of a cover crop and/or anything that will stand up to the elements and the chickens? i guess i don't really care if they dig at and destroy it as png as they have something to graze on and keep them busy through the day (the sand dunes just aren't their thing)... thanks for any input.
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    I previously lived 50 ft from the beach on one of the many islands in the Pacific Ocean. It had constant 35 mile per hour trade-winds 4 months of the year, soil that was primarily coral sand, and so much salt in the air that stainless steel forks rusted. So there were some similarities to what you describe. The flowers/plants that did best around the yard there were:

    Dwarf Zinnias (the wind knocks the tall ones over)
    Globe amaranth
    Cock's Comb/ Celosia (again, dwarf variety)
    Portulaca / Moss Rose
    Croton plants

    Not all of these would be entertaining to the chickens, but I'd try at least one plant/seed packet of each to test what will grow in your specific micro-climate.
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    wow, awesome! thanks for the info. i'll definitely try all of those and see how they do. i'll plant them in the front yard which is more protected (slightly) and see how they do.

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