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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by AHappychick, Jan 20, 2009.

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    I want to try to approach my town into allowing me to raise chickens. According to the zoning there are no farm animals or birds allowed unless you have 2 acres or more and are approved??? Well between my sisters house (which is my direct neighbor) and my home we have 2 acres. I am afraid to inquire since that would just tip them off, Is there a way to approach this with out putting myself at risk? How would some one even begin, should I speak with a lawyer or just not bother since it would be a lot of trouble and probably would not go over well??? Has anyone done this?
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    Civil disobedience!! Maybe try having just a few, and keep them hidden. And don't have a roo! Bribe neighbors with eggs.

    If you do go the route of trying to change the law, there are a lot of good suggestions on this forum. Bring up going "green", healthier eggs, chickens treated humanely, and so on.
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    It's up to you. You can either try to have them and hide them, or you approach the town. There is no need for an attorney.

    If you get chickens and someone reports you (anyone around you that would care?) then you are going to be going in front of people that may see you as someone that doesn't respect them. You could just say you didn't know. Just be prepared that you may get chickens and then have to get rid of them. (Process them would work.)

    If you approach the town, I think you have a good idea. Go with your sister. Ask that they make you having chickens conditional on your sister (neighbor) agreeing to allowing you to have them. We have a horse boarding business in our town that is conditional on a neighbor leasing them land so they have greater than the 20 acres requirement.
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    Towns can be a pain in the neck. I have ~6 acres which is above the minimum 5 acre requirement for livestock and still get harassed now and again.

    Guess it depends on location too. Are you in a rural setting or in a subdivision? Keeping the peace with the neighbors is job one. One complaint and your done. Hens are very quiet. Doubt anyone would even notice if you had a few...unless they got out and messed up someone's garden. Not that I'm promoting disregard for the ordinances...[​IMG]

    Have you considered other poultry such as quail or chuckars? These birds are small enough to keep in indoor pens and the eggs, while smaller, are very tasty. Out of sight, out of mind.

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