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Arianna's Chicken Coop


Three stooges

George the rooster

Foxy the broody

The new roof is finaly finish.





Comments (22)

woah! that is so awesome!
Fantastic set-up!!
This is great for me. I plan on about 50 chickens. I have the land in Thailand. (2014) This is just one part of the farm. will be fish pond about ten cows and the rest in fruit trees and veggies.
Thanks, Kerry Woods.
WOW!!! That is an awsome set up!!! I'm jealous!
Absolutely beautiful!! I love it!
How do the little green patches work? It all looks wonderful!
Wow! What a great Chicken Village! ;-D
I want to know more! Thanks for the inspiring coop!
I know how the grass patches work! The wire is low enough so that the chickens can get at the grass, but they can't ruin it by scavenging in it.The cinder blocks help keep the wire up.
Overall, this is an ingeneous coop! So well thought out...
You have a fabulous set up, thank you for sharing.
Arianna, could you tell me what kind of netting you used on the beds?
Is it plastic coated. Thank you
What a coop/village!! I love it!
I love that's kind of my vision but on a smaller scale
Chicken wonderland!
This is the ultimate, something to aspire to!  Like a Taj Mahal compound.
What breed is that rooster with the white ear lobes? The colorful one? I think that breed is the father of my cross cockerel. It has ben a mystery...
It's absolutely amazing! For some reason it reminds me of the butterfly pavilion, only for chickens. Chicken paradise!
Wow! I am envious!
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › Arianna's Chicken Coop