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A list of the wonderful companies that sponsor BYC. Please take a moment to visit their sites and thank them for their support of our community!
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  1. BYC Support is an amazing FREE resource for literally millions of people around the world. Maintaining a site as huge as BYC is expensive, so we rely on advertising and sponsors to keep the lights... er... servers on.

    We're incredibly lucky and thankful for the companies that support BYC. Please show your support of their support by visiting their websites, purchasing their products, and thanking them for their contributions.

    (To learn more about becoming a BYC sponsor, contact us: [email protected])

    PLATINUM Sponsors

    Purina® nutritionists have been studying poultry feeding and management since the establishment of the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri in 1926. Count on Purina® to continue providing fresh advice and quality feed for your birds!

    Brinsea® has been focusing on egg incubator design continuously since 1976, resulting in egg incubators, chick brooders and incubation accessories offering you unparalleled practicality, reliability, superior hatch rates and healthy chicks.

    Hatching your own eggs is fun, easy and affordable with Brinsea®!

    In addition to our amazing sponsors, we're grateful for our Premium Feather Members and our community that supports our need for advertising.
    (To learn more about becoming a BYC sponsor, contact us: [email protected])

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  1. autumn_g
    "Thank you!!!!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 27, 2019
    Honestly I dont know what I would do without BYC. Thank you so much for sponsoring this amazing site!!!!
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  2. happy duck
    "Thanks for our sponsors!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 19, 2019
  3. AnimalGeek23
    "Thank you!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 9, 2018
    Thank you BYC sponsors for taking the time to sponsor us! BYC helps people worldwide :)
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  1. featherhead007
    My hens are very important to me!
    That's why I only purchase the very best feed for them.
    Purina poultry products. Thanks Purina!
  2. avtar singh
    it is from Nigeria, I have turkey male and female but sometimes it has black poo ( shit) what to do?
  3. avtar singh
    I fixed water nipple with 32mm PVC green pipe, but its leaking al the time ... what to do ?
  4. Gabyota
    Hi I’m Gaby it’s testing to get some chics
  5. fisher101
    Thank you guys the sponsor the page we chicken poeple love you guys so keep up the good work all both ends thank you agin
  6. ejtrout31
  7. sp92467
    Looking for rare exotic and permit ducks in south ms area

    Will travel
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