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A list of the wonderful companies that sponsor BYC. Please take a moment to visit their sites and thank them for their support of our community!
By BYC Support · Jan 10, 2012 · Updated Mar 18, 2012 ·
  1. BYC Support is an amazing FREE resource for literally millions of people around the world. Maintaining a site as huge as BYC is expensive, so we rely on advertising and sponsors to keep the lights... er... servers on.

    We're incredibly lucky and thankful for the companies that support BYC. Please show your support of their support by visiting their websites, purchasing their products, and thanking them for their contributions.
    (To learn more about becoming a BYC sponsor, contact us: [email protected])

    PLATINUM Sponsors

    Purina® nutritionists have been studying poultry feeding and management since the establishment of the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri in 1926. Count on Purina to continue providing fresh advice and quality feed for your birds!


    Manna Pro is a leader in the animal health and nutrition industry. Whether you raise poultry, calves, sheep, rabbits or horses, Manna Pro is the key to nurturing what you love!

    DBC Ag Logo Circle R.jpg

    At DBC Ag Products, we develop and deliver innovative all-natural solutions that target intestinal health to overcome animal agriculture’s toughest challenges. Our unique, proprietary formulas focus on the optimal combination of new and proven technologies to prevent disease, save animals, improve feed utilization and deliver healthy animals for our customers.

    We are proud to sponsor because our passion is to help backyard poultry raisers to raise healthier, happier birds! In fact, it is that same passion that has been keeping millions of chicks, pullets and laying hens healthy with our all-natural products for over 30 years, including organic and all-natural certified flocks.

    Backyard Chicken Health Pack products contain the same ingredients that those birds receive on a daily basis to help avoid digestive disease to improve overall health, support a healthy immune system, target intestinal worms and produce safe, healthy eggs for you and I.

    Go to our website,, give us a call or visit our Healthy Flock Facebook page for more information.

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