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  • Top 15 Chicken Coop Mistakes
    Last week I saw a bee swarm in one of the trees in our yard. It moved on, but I had concerns about bees thinking that my chicken coop might be a...
    • DeAZ
  • Top 15 Chicken Coop Mistakes
    Better start a new thread with this question. I would pick a coop from the article section here with a good description/plan. Say what your plans...
    • BDutch
  • Top 15 Chicken Coop Mistakes
    I’m planning to have a coop built and find the amount of detail above overwhelming. Is there a good source for plans that incorporate all of...
    • AdrianaG
  • Preparing hatching eggs for incubation, and hatching.
    Of course, I'm glad it was helpful for you. Sorry you had a bad hatch, I hope your nest one is 100%! :)
    • Yard Farmer
  • Reproductive Health in Chickens
    Yes it’s incredible how quickly they can recover, isn’t it? I think implant at the follow up might be your best bet for peace of mind. The...
    • Lillith37

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