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  • New Breed: The Kurdish Hexadactyl.
    Yes same as many other ancient breeds even older than silkies yet many of them don’t exhibit side effects thanks to talented inventors future...
  • New Breed: The Kurdish Hexadactyl.
    You mean when the breed was developed around 800 years ago?
  • New Breed: The Kurdish Hexadactyl.
    Not silkies. I don’t use silkies, too many neurological disorders in that breed. Who ever made that breed didn’t bother to perfect them and rushed...
  • New Breed: The Kurdish Hexadactyl.
    Hmmmm it looks like you took a the genetic error of silkies and now you are repeating this deformation in creating a new breed. That's not very smart!
  • Mottled Wyandotte Project
    Hmm... I think I understand I’m not sure what you mean by single combs. Do you want their combs to look in a specific way ?

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