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  • canada-goose
    Are Canadian Geese legal to order and keep?
  • 7 Reasons to Love White Crested Polishes.
    You mentioned that if you need to take proactive steps in caring for Polish Crested's crests to make certain they don't get lice or mites. Do...
  • The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!
    I did pretty well for a newbie who has never had chickens!!!! BYC gets all the credit for that! Fun quiz!! Thank you for posting.
  • Splash blue or lavender?
    Hi, you're in the Articles section. You'll get more responses to your question if you post on this forum: General breed discussions & FAQ
  • The best cold-hardy breeds
    Excellent article! I did not know chickens of any breed like suet. I am aware of the oatmeal just need to get my butt in gear to start making it...

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  • The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!
    5.00 star(s)
    Fun game! I only got one question wrong: the one about how many chickens there are on earth...
    • SoftSilkie
  • The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!
    5.00 star(s)
    Oh no! I'm a crazier chicken lady than I thought! Seriously, totally enjoyed and would love...
    • chickisoup
  • The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!
    5.00 star(s)
    Loved it!
    • cluckmecoop7
  • Mixed Breed Flock Forever
    3.00 star(s)
    This is a great idea for naming a mixed flock! Pictures will boost this article up a lot ...
    • MROO
  • The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!
    5.00 star(s)
    Great mix of questions...really enjoyed your quiz! I am "definitely a chicken lover"! :yesss:
    • DiYMama540

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