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  • Breeding, Hatching and Raising Peafowl
    My peahen hatched yesterday and is in a nest off the ground about 3 feet. Should I move her to a nest on the ground and put water and starter...
  • How To Raise Bobwhite Quail
    Good luck on the hatch! They probably won't start crowing until next year. :)
  • How To Raise Bobwhite Quail
    Thank you! I have some pipping right now and I’m a tad nervous my neighbors aren’t gonna like the crow. Lol. Super excited to see the babies...
  • How To Raise Bobwhite Quail
    The female quail are fairly quiet, they can call but definitely more quiet than a chicken hen singing her egg song. Male quail can whistle, crow...
  • How To Raise Bobwhite Quail
    Love this article. Question, does anyone know how loud they are compared to a chicken?

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Raising chickens is awesome, but what about their other feathered cousins? Learn how to raise other fantastic birds, including: Turkeys, Ducks, Quail, Geese, and others.

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