(Almost) Self Cleaning Duck Waterer

Except idea , great article!
I love the idea, and more than enough info to go and try it out.
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Wouldn't think there was enough clearance for the float to work.
Float valve coupled with the drain valve is awesome...
...video proves that, but wondered why the wound quit, wanted to hear the valve shut off.

Also appreciate failure of heater documentation, great idea to put it in a spoiler.
I like your idea. Just need to see how you worked this up for winter.
This is so great. I am always looking for an easier faster way to manage duck muck. I also enjoy hearing about the screw ups that happen during a project. .:lau
Just in case I might get the same bright idea.
If you ever come up with a way to keep this from freezing please update us!
Helpful DIY water fountain!
I'm always interested in solutions which give ducks access to clean water without waiting water. This is a good one.
interesting and clever.
I love it! I may do this with a tub for a mini pool, but I am super grateful for the tutorial!
I love this idea, I've been looking for something to do to help me keep cleaner water for all the animals. My ducks muck up every water source i have! I installed flow valves on hoses to the kiddie pools but once they're dirty (which is immediately) they're a pain to clean out. Thanks for sharing and for the detailed description of how you did it!
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I'll have to try this myself!
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Great article. Particularly like that the author realises that ducks need to be able to get a lot of beak inti the waterer to clean their nostrils.
Great idea!
I wonder if you could attach the heat cable up each side of the pipe, just below the water level, but leaving a clear path down the bottom of the tube?
Or get a larger size of pipe, cut so that the current setup would fit down inside it, lay the heat cable inside the larger tube, then lay the current tube on top of that?
Trust me, i tried every possible configuration for that @%!$*& heating cable *inside* the pipe. Every spot that isn't PVC-slippery tends to catch a piece of grass, which then catches something else, which then…
But the idea with the larger pipe is great! Like making a mantle of warm water around the inner pipe. Thank you very much! That's the spirit of BYC at its best!
The bf will probably make this for me as i spend 15 extra minutes doing the water :ththank you for doing this article!!! :wee
I was really shocked on how quick it drained the ''yuck" and the photos were great.
I liked the spoiler on what not to do.
Great job! :clap
Tell your BF to use a new pipe and the muck will drain out even better. The pipe i am using is really beaten up and rough inside and still draining OK.
Fabulous article with great how to photos.
Thank you very much!
Good job! I liked the "what not to do" spoiler, that could save someone else from trying the same thing. Really impressed by how easily it drained.
I was surprised too how well it works.
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