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Had a handful of roosters.
Pros: If Handled Young can be very sociable.
Cons: Tiny. will get eaten if they wonder from the flock.
My experience with the Procelain Duccle is a Joyous one. I have found them to handle well and even be one of the easiest of my flock to scoop up outside the coop. I work with the bantams to make sure they will handle well as they get older. I can definitely say i enjoy their sounds immensely its very unique to the flock.
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$4.00 or less
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22 23 24 springs.
Meh, they are okay
Pros: You never know what it will come out looking like and what comb it will have
Cons: not guaranteed number of eggs per year, they tend to not be the nicest
2 broody mamas hatched 10 chicks last year, but I could never handle them because they would zoom away. They are very skittish, but that's because I never handled them. If you hatch some out, there is definitely going to be more roosters than if you got them in a pullet bin at a feed store (you will still get some but not as many.) I got 5-6 roos which I gave away and 4-5 hens. One that we gave away we weren't quite set on the idea that it was a roo, so that's why I say 5-6. I like sticking to the breeds at hatcheries and not the mixes. Why? Well
1. With pure breeds you know for sure how many eggs they are going to be laying, for instance around 250.
2. And you have a better chance of getting a nice chicken when getting a breed from a hatchery because that breed might be known for being calm and docile, whereas barnyard mixes you will never know how the personality might be.

Here are my mixes (they are much older now). #1 is an easter egger x sapphire gem. She always gives me the evil eye 😈

#2 is a sapphire gem x olive egger.

I have a few mixes that I ended up giving away, here are some pics of them as a few weeks old.

this one is a light brahma x olive egger

this one is another brahma mix, he is a brahma x sapphire gem or olive egger
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they were born in June of 2023
Olive Eggers can have various breed parentage!
Pros: Lovely olive eggs in the basket and typically high productivity. My girl is very heat tolerant in my mild winter/searing hot summer Zone 9B climate. She is also one of my very quietest.
Cons: Unknown breed parents for their cross. Any Chocolate or Light Brown Egger with any Blue Egger will do! So feathering, temperament and climate durability are highly varied also.
:hmm Hard to tell what you'll get with a cross-bred chicken like the Olive Eggers unless you know the specific parents or even parentage breeds! My "Livvie" appears to be Crested Cream Legbar (blue) crossed with a Plymouth Barred Rock (brown)??? She's just turning two, a teensy bit flighty and decided to go broody! I might try to use her to raise me a rooster for them, plus 2 more girls to my current healthy mixed Heritage & Cross 8???
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Spring 2022
My chickens love this. Yes, don't overfeed. It is meant as a daily snack, will probably make your chickens fat if you feed this to them too often.
Cons: Doesn't work with chicks who have fat heads
I used this when I first got chickens. It worked great...... Until one of my chick's heads grew too fat for the feeder, then we had to figure out a different way to feed them where he wouldn't get his head stuck 😄
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Pros: Great for wounds and external infections
Cons: None
When my rooster got frostbite really bad where his wattles swelled up like balloons, I used this stuff and sprayed it on every day. When there was puss and blood oozing out of the infected part I sprayed it with my vetericyn. It probably saved his life because the infection could have gotten worse. They don't like being sprayed, but a trick I learned was to distract them with a yummy treat and then spray them. Remember to cover their eyes when spraying!
GREAT for chickens!!!!!
Pros: Easy cleanup, prevents poop and water from going to the bottom of the cage
I love using puppy pads to line the bottom of a crate when a chicken needs to come inside for whatever reason. It's really easy cleanup, no poop gets on the bottom of the cage and and water spillage doesn't leak out either.
I don't use this exact brand, I get mine at Dollar Tree which work awesome for chickens.
Great for minor and medium size boo boos
Pros: Works great
Cons: Very thick
Make sure you have this in your poultry first aid kit!
I use it for my rooster's wounds when another roo attacked him. He had a big chunk taken out of his comb, so we applied this stuff wherever it was needed. It seemed like it worked great. The only down side is that it is very thick and gooey and sometimes hard to apply.
I use this product for any illness that pops up among my chickens. You can put it in water or on a piece of fruit or veggie or any treat really. You can only give it to your chickens for every day for a week or 2. I will try using it for molting this year. My 4 yr old australorp went through an awful molt last year.
Pros: super funny and friendly
Cons: will imprint on you, messy like all ducks are, not nice to chickens
Last year in 2023 I found a baby mallard, all alone in a Kroger parking lot, surrounded by cars and no mom or nest, let alone a pond or water source to be found. Brought her home and named her Daisy. Had 2 broody hens with 10 chicks at the time, tried to put Daisy with them, but broody hens rejected her. Daisy imprinted on me very fast, following me all around. She tended to chase the chickens around. I felt bad because whenever we went inside she would wait at the door, waiting for sometimes a few hours until we could come outside. She was very friendly and cute and loved to cuddle as a baby. Went missing several times, and she eventually turned up every time except that last time. One night I went in my house to have dinner, came back 15 minutes later, and she was gone. Nowhere to be found, I looked everywhere. I didn't hear any squacking, quaking, and didn't find any feathers or blood anywhere. It still remains a mystery..... Otherwise, I would recommend taking a mallard in if you find a missing duckling, because usually in the Spring time rehab centers are overrun with animals and can't take any more in. I would call just in case, though.
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found her in 2023
Good design
Pros: never had a problem with it falling on chicks
Cons: tends to get clogged with pineshavings
I use this every time I have chicks. The design makes it easy to put rocks in it so that the chicks don't drown. It's better than using a dish-like design because there is less room for the chicks to fall in and/or drown. Chicks will poop in it, that will probably happen with all waterers and feeders, kinda inevitable.
Good to have on hand
This is a perfect feeder is you you have around 10 chicks. I use this every time I get chicks.
True, chicks will poop in it but you can easily dump out the top layer of feed with the poop. They like roosting on top of it.
Work great for ferment.
Pros: Chickens can't scratch and tip them over. They are almost indestructible. Clean-up is a breeze. Dishwasher and freezer safe.
I wouldn't be without them now that I'm so used to them. They prevent waste as the chickens can't knock them over. They will just eat from them.

I bought a second set two years after the first, and I can't tell a difference. They don't wear out or lose color.
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Twice, ones on 12/8/2022 and again on 2/10/2024
GET THIS BREED NOW!!! You will not regret it.
Pros: Friendly, beautiful plumage, awesome layers, kind roosters, cuddly
Cons: none
I can't stress enough for you to get this breed!
They are literally the most sweetest breed ever. My hen Gert is a very big chicken, has stocky legs and feet, and lays huge eggs. My rooster Ledo.....The most cuddly rooster in town. He loved to cuddle as a baby, and still to this day he will jump up on my back. He is so darn heavy, you could probably use these as a dual purpose breed if you had to, looks like they got a bunch of meat on them (although I would never use my chickens for meat.) Great beginner breed. 10/10 recommend. Just before you get them keep in mind that females are dark gray and males are light gray with a white spot on their head. Tractor Supply sorted them wrong when I got my two. Light colored roos were in with females.

Purchase Price
I think it was around $2 - $4 probably
Purchase Date
March of 2022
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My first Czech girls were Sapphire Gems. I liked them so much that I added other Czech breeds -- Sapphire Splashes, Sapphire Olive Eggers and Calico Princesses. But, the Gems were the queens! Thanks for sharing your review of these beauties!
such gentleman rooster
Pros: very sweet
Cons: can be mean
I only have one olive egger, his name is Benny and I got him from a local breeder. Let me just say- the SWEETEST boy to his hens. He will literally make nests for them, cuddles with them, and he even stuffs his face in their backs when they are cuddling 🥺
Whenever anyone comes to my house they always comment on how beautiful he is.

I can't say that they are all nice though.....
I once had a really mean olive egger named Dumpling, he would attack me all the time and chase me around the yard. I have tried 2 times to get an olive egger hen and have not got one yet 😠 Only have got roos.
I just really want those olive eggs.

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Around $12 or more from a local breeder
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Friendliest chicken breed EVER
Pros: Super smart, kind, lovable, fantastic layers
Cons: Just a bit sassy to new chickens; lets just say she wasn't the most welcome.
I once had an Amberlink, I have no clue if it's the same as an Amber Star hybrid, but anyway, she was the sweetest girl ever, hopped up on my chair outside for treats. Very very smart, let me just say, however if I can recall she could be kinda sassy to the other chickens. Not really mean exactly, just not the nicest. Her name was Lucille. Lucille laid very pretty medium brown eggs if I can recall. I think she died of congestive heart failure. :(
mystic marans
Pros: very pretty dark brown eggs, friendly
Cons: lays really big eggs, which can cause the hen to become egg bound
I've only had one maran, she was a mystic maran. She was very sweet, laid huge dark brown eggs, had a big build, although not overweight. I don't remember her much because she died a long time ago. I think she probably died because she got egg bound.
Purchase Date
March 2019
very nice birds
Pros: chicken-oriented, forms bonds with other chickens
Cons: none really
my black sexlink is very food obsessed, she loves her crumble. She has a few BFFs in the flock, Vicky, who passed away, Flo, and Phyllis. She likes humans, but is more a chicken "person". She likes the older chickens more than the annoying young ones. She is not that picky about what she eats, which is good. She is not vocal at all.
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Around $4.00 from a local breeder
Purchase Date
March 2019
Pros: very sweet, great personality, fantastic with other chickens
Cons: none
My little hen Vicky was so sweet, she had a special bond with my black sexlink Winnie. They did everything together. Vicky had a lot of personality. She was kinda overweight either that or her legs were just far apart at birth.

I'm not really sure how many eggs she laid because the color of her eggs were the same color as all the rest of the eggs.
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$4.00 at a local breeder
Purchase Date
March 2019
Pros: pretty medium brown speckled eggs, gets along with others great, calm.
Cons: a bit shy
my welsummer that passed away was a very nice bird, she wasn't skittish or flighty, but she was more shy and kept to herself. very nice to other chickens. she was very big, had stocky legs and a big build in general.
R.I.P. Puddles.
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