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Inconsistent Layers
Pros: Hardy
Cons: Poor egg shell quality
Bought 10 two years ago to replace my Barred Rock hens. They were very productive the first year; however, their production dropped to approx 50% the second year. It's been nearly five months since they molted, and only one hen is is consistently laying. I'm going back to the Barred Rocks this spring.
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$30/ten chicks
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Feb 2019
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Good for the money if you know how to use it
Pros: I have 3 of these. In my oldest one which was heavily used for a year the egg turner quit working. I was able to order a new motor from the company.
Cons: Must use with internal thermometer and humidity reader.
I have tried a couple of different brands of incubator and this one is by far better than the other 2.
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I love my buffs! Amazing layers and super sweet
Pros: -in my experience, great layers (4-6 eggs per week)
-super sweet
-so pretty!
Cons: So fluffy and cute that they might end up convincing you to hang with them instead of getting work done....
Talking about buff Orpington and what is good and bad about them
In depth!
A very comprehensive review, Perris. Nice job!
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thanks Meg!
Sally PB
Great review. You have made me want to buy the book.
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well if you do I hope you enjoy it as much as I have :)
Quiet, Docile, Heavy Breed
Pros: Quiet, docile, nice variety of colors available, distinctive look
Cons: Small eggs, heavy eater
Brahmas are working their way up to my favorite breed. They have a softer, deeper cluck and chatter than other chicken breeds, though their sneezes can be quite loud! They handle confinement well, and being handled. If you're looking for meat they get rather large, but they take a while longer and eat a lot to get there! Speaking of eating--they must not miss meals or they can get mean to the other chickens real quick! But normally they aren't aggressive, but will hold their own against bullies.
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Pros: Gentle, beautiful eggs
Cons: Later to mature than other hens
To begin with, I hand raise all my chicks so they're typically all very tame and friendly. However, Belle, my legbar, is relatively timid, but is still gentle and overall pleasant. She was my slowest to lay, even though my other chicks were two weeks (or more) behind her. She started laying recently, around 7 months. She's also not nearly as productive as my Olive Eggers, which was a little surprising to me, but she lays a gorgeous blue egg, and I'll also cut her some slack due to the weather. :p
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Pros: This works great for 1-7 quail, and will last me 4 days without re-filling. Obviously not for chickens or anything that will drink a lot.
Cons: Freezes quickly since it's small, and I wish that it came with some sort of handle. If you notice, most chicken waterers have handles/ ways to hang it- however this does not.
Good for quail and SMALL game. I would also use for chicks.

I initially got this for my quail hutch, now I use a big waterer in my quail aviary, but it is great for a small flock of quail.
Pros: Hatches majority of chicks!
Cons: You have to add water a lot.
This is a great product and I bout again after the fact so now I have 2!
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Not sure.
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Pros: Pretty girls. They are quiet, and don't cause problems with the other hens. The cold doesn't seem to bother them at all. Consistent layers once they start.
Cons: Eggs are definitely not large. I would say small to medium, but the yoke is huge compared to the size of the egg. I keep these eggs for myself, since they look pretty silly in a carton, and sell the eggs from my other layers.
Overall, I like them. They were the last to start laying at 30 weeks, but average 6 eggs each per week now. Eggs are half the size of my sex link, calico, sapphire, etc. They don't fight or act flighty, but aren't really friendly either. They come up to me, but prefer a hands off interaction.
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April 2020
Pros: Good egg layer, quirky personalities, gorgeous feathers and beards
Cons: Mistaken for Ameraucanas, Araucanas, etc. Also kind of flighty.
I really like my Easter Eggers (whom I thought were Ameraucanas the first few months of their lives). They have the funniest little quirks and are super floofy. One of the two has finally started laying a pretty sage-green egg every other day and loves to announce it. (She is very loud) They both are kind of flighty and love to fly the coop. Aside from the noise and flightiness, they are some of the best (and most adorable) chickens I've owned.
Pros: Lovely, tame, valuable, handsome birds.
One of mine lays daily with large eggs compared to her body size.
Cons: Get very cold, snacks for hawks, can be delicate.
I really love them!

People say they are rubbish layers, and they aren't the VERY best, but some can be really good.
I love true bantams but these are especially endearing.

For those who want to keep them indoors, well they can't be toilet trained, but the roos aren't that loud and many, including mine, just sound like squeaky toys.

Most can be very happy in trios or even pairs.
Don't try to keep them indoors totally though, because they do love outdoors.
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Mogul Moonshine
Mogul Moonshine
100 percent agree
Pros: Good for a small flock.
Cons: You get poo/dirt on you while unscrewing the lid, and it isn’t the most efficient design. But it works.
Would recommend to someone with a small flock.
Pros: Worked excellently to heal roost-rash on my cockerel, and well as an injury on one of my ducks.
Cons: *not exactly a con* but cannot he used for internal injuries!
Would recommend!
Pros: It works wonderfully for a large flock! This feeder lasts about 1.5 days with my young flock of 18 largefowl chickens.
Cons: The bottom "lid" compartment is easily undone when refilling it, so be careful!
Pros: It works wonderfully until it gets a bit old
Cons: After 3 great years of use, the temp starts fluctuationing something fierce!
I would recommend this product to a new Hatcher or someone incubating eggs for fun! For the first few years, I have never had any issues with this little incubator.
Pros: Holds lots of eggs!
Cons: Temp is hard to control, it is too hot in some places, and too cold in others. For use, I recommend having a separate thermometer and finding the best spot temp-wise and only putting eggs in that spot.
Affordable and would recommend as a last choice option.
Pros: It works great...only if it is VERY dark in the room.
Cons: It’s not all that bright, unless the room is fully dark and it has to be plugged in which is inconvenient.
Overall, it works better than the flashlight on my phone, so I would recommend this product.
Pros: Works great! Stays a nice warm temp in the brooder.
Cons: Since the product cannot get wet, using it as a coop heater might not be the best idea!
Overall nice product!
Pros: Never get broody, very good layers, self sufficient, alert, curious
Cons: A bit skittish
I have 3 white bantam leghorn hens, they are eggcellent layers and lay an egg a day! They are keen too get out of the coop in the morning and love scratching up leaf litter for bugs. They are active and curious. Not very tame though. I love how they just lay an egg and walk away immediately, such a relief compared to my silkie hens who love to get broody... silkies are so different, they aren't really alert enough to actively catch insects or explore much. Overall I would highly recommend leghorns bantams. I have an open fenced off area with lots of bushes and logs in it, I have read that they can be a bit flighty but I haven't experienced that, so don't let that put you off getting a few!
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September 2020
Pros: The highest-powered motor
The compact size of the Yardbird allows for efficient storage while the solid rubber wheels
The Best Chicken Plucker Machine
Given the compact, sturdy and high-motor-power design, this Yardbird machine is great for anyone with a smaller number of birds to de-feather. The high-powered motor is capable of working at high speeds while still effectively removing all of the feathers on birds without damaging their bodies.
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