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Average User Rating:
  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Light Brown
    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    USA APA: Buff, Black, White, BlueSplash in not recognized at this time.Also there are a few other colors of Orpington Projects under way in the USA as of today.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    APA/ABA Class:
    The original Orpington, the Black, was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in 1890. It was developed from Langshan-Rock-Minorca crosses. Today Buff, Black, White, and Blue Orpington's are recognized color varieties.
  • 445e4a46_Spanglehen02-21-15011.jpeg 4391eab2_IMG_0009.jpeg bc4d6914_2012-05-08_19-56-48_923.jpeg c54563d8_theflock.jpeg 323b3fea_LavenderOrpingtonChicksMay2012.jpeg 8e4dec60_0518121251_01.jpeg 0eb1afc8_DSCF1601.jpeg bf3b8030_IMG_2057.jpeg a162802c_IMG_2799.jpeg 38b1a59e_IMG_8905.jpeg 578b09d0_DSC02546.jpeg a51a8527_IMG_5976.jpeg fdf422b8_broody.jpeg 733ae3f2_Spanglebabies11-30-12019.jpeg 85b71b09_photo1.PNG b4a08f58_567112_10200408459190948_275870316_o.jpeg 308cc963_900x600px-LL-e69b2074_IMG_6870.jpeg 8cc7d9ee_3-001.jpeg 065ba06c_DSC01493.jpeg 5da6a553_20130421_100345-1.jpeg 55b9409f_20130421_100408-1.jpeg a3c66d60_chickenhead.jpeg c3974413_251.jpeg 17623934_100_1129.jpeg 5bd149b4_100_1039.jpeg d3b90d54_1368816545373.jpeg b5af9d39_image.jpeg b4d5ef5e_IMG_8688.jpeg 114d1daa_IMG_8703.jpeg 063ebc3d_IMG_0986.jpeg 5a38d183_14016271977_f029dd0690_b.jpeg 37b16565_IMG_7420.jpeg b69982d0_07-25-14chocolates047.jpeg 8abf7a74_photo5.jpeg 1864be50_IMG_3758.jpeg 3d8f052d_ChickenPic5.jpeg 1b91acc5_NewImage8.jpeg 08c01aaa_10428041_864284513611943_8245961870384098264_n.jpeg fbb95120_Chickens10-25-11038.jpeg 44d39670_07-25-14chocolates047.jpeg 63214432_100_8039.jpeg bb567c4f_10-16-14chickens056.jpeg 025e5522_download8.jpeg 39d766eb_Spangles-Partridges03-10-13025.jpeg 4af0cade_image.jpeg 5203d3fe_image.jpeg 4da4fbb3_chicks07-02-11Penny025.jpeg 370f65b8_Chickens10-25-11041.jpeg 75934c49_Orpington.jpeg 0b0ea933_20140605_081654.jpeg b9b14cfe_0407151903.jpeg e3d644f2_PIC_1024.jpeg 3d6e4d6d_PIC_1046.jpeg 1494352d_PIC_0889.jpeg 4db60498_PIC_0890.jpeg 132e63c2_PIC_0022.jpeg 49d42882_IMG_1294.jpeg bbee3a71_IMG_0942.jpeg d279c390_IMG_0639.jpeg a49123d4_IMG_2010.jpeg 657b653a_IMG_2454.jpeg 0c198382_IMG_0080.jpeg d5677a55_chicks07-02-11Penny037.jpeg 10aa9b35_MoreSKIP04-04-15125.jpeg a88e11cd_3-16-15chickens-Silvers074.jpeg 38fd13f3_IMG_0027.jpeg 3d383c02_chicks07-02-11Penny025.jpeg d11aa688_Partridgerooster09-25-12053.jpeg c139bca1_10-16-14chickens017.jpeg 9a737ae1_2016-07-11--07-30-56.jpeg 40341eb6_2016-07-11--07-30-56.jpeg ba25fe1f_06-10-13EnglishBlackrooster0602016_07_2917_44_57UTC.jpeg c058603b_023.jpeg d07d0b08_LFChocolaterooster3-5-15004.jpeg
  • [​IMG]
    Jubilee Orpington Hen owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons

    Pure English Spangle/Mottle Hen Owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons
    English Spangle/Mottle chicks owned by Autumn Farm Orpingtons

    Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Comb: Single
    Broodiness: Frequent
    Climate Tolerance: All Climates

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size: Large
    Egg Color: Light Brown

    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    USA APA: Buff, Black, White, Blue Splash in not recognized at this time. Also there are a few other colors of Orpington Projects under way in the USA as of today. Visitwww.hinkjcpoultry.com
    Breed Details:
    Developed as a dual purpose breed, Orpington's make fair table fowl and are excellent winter layers of large brown eggs. They have very laid back personalities and make great family pets. The Buffs are especially good in this regard.







Recent User Reviews

  1. kacothran
    "Classic Chicken"
    Pros - VERY friendly, good layer, good forager
    Cons - None
    My Orpington is the top hen in our flock and she is as sweet as they come when it comes to being in charge. She is literally like a dog stuck in a chicken's body. She loves to be picked up and carried around, and once she's on my lap, she's there to stay. She started laying extremely well (6 eggs per week) but now at almost 2 years old she's only laying 1 egg per week on average with a high quality feed and no other health problems. All the other orpington charm still makes her a five star bird, though :)
  2. AfroChickens
    "Great Birds"
    Pros - Friendly, Hardy, Big, Good Layers
    Cons - Docile, May get picked on.
    I never had chickens before I got my Buffs but I couldn't have any other breed! They are hilarious. Quiet, which is a huge plus for me. They are big on greeting you and following you around. Very social and make the cutest coo sounds. I don't have children but I think it's a great bird to have with children because they seem to be very relaxed. Easy to handle. No regrets here.
    Lauren Kim likes this.
  3. hbhoffman
    "Friendly, gentle,consistent layers,"
    Pros - Mine like to be handled if started as a chick, good consistent layers of large brown eggs, pretty good at avoiding hawks, not fussy eaters & do well on free range & foraging for food, sturdy bodies,she looks for us & comes running *every single time*
    Cons - Need to plan for larger bodies if English Orps for roosting and nest boxes, for a quick glance the fluffy butt feathers can make it hard to tell if there are any rear end issues, Can take longer to POL.
    My friendly,buff Orpington came to us as a chick. She was handled from the start and to this day comes running to see if we have a treat & to be held. She knows that dogs and cats are generally safe but hawks & owls are not. She's a good runner if needed. They do well foraging for themselves year round but we do leave feed out. The eggs are really large with nice brown color and sturdy shells. They love mealworms and most other fruits scraps!
    Purchase Price:
    Purchase Date:
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User Comments

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  1. CyndiD
    how can i tell the difference between a blk austrlorp hen and a black O/split to lavender hen?
    I think the orpington has more feathers around the base of the tail and the autralorp has longer, slimmer tail? right?
  2. meetthebubus
    for buff orpingtons are the best and prettiest and i can't imagine having another breed, personally love my bubus!
    Can anyone tell me if they've ordered from Cackle Hatchery, especially any Rhode Island Reds (or Golden Comets, Buff Orpingtons, White Rocks, Barred Rocks, Wyandottes, or Easter Eggers)? I got a batch of Black Australorps from Chickens from Backyards (which has great service) that are extremely skidish and unfriendly. Also, if I get any new breeds again, I want to try to make sure that are somewhat friendly, fairly docile and/or at least will fit well in a mixed flock without much aggression (allowing for a normal pecking order of course) and be easy to handle.
      SeaTexan likes this.
  4. lifein1840
    As a good all around chicken, Orpingtons are hard to beat. I have always enjoyed them for their personalities as well as egg laying ability. I have had decent luck with them going broody and being great moms. All of my Orpingtons have been very gentle and calm....but one of the hens I have now is pretty aggressive with my big New Hampshire hen and one of my Australorps and will be leaving the flock soon.
  5. ClarendonChicks
    I found a local group of breeders via Facebook, so I would suggest you try that first. Then you could visit the farm and see the birds.
  6. alleycatt1560
    Where would you recommend me buying some buffs? Either online or feed store. If online can I have some websites?
  7. Peaky
    I so agree with you. I got my buff at 4 days old and they are as tame as can be. They are only 6 weeks now but I continue to interact with them daily, use my hand to feed them. By the way today was the first egg from my hens. Hurray! Let us know how your new chicks do
  8. Ronnie2
    I love my buffs too, I just started feeding them out of my hand yesterday. I used a leather work glove, I tried it bare handed but they were to reluctant to do that, I will be feeding them out of hand everyday.
  9. Diannastarr
  10. Diannastarr
    I love it , your orps sound great...! all depending on the size & amount of eggs they lay daily , i have been thinking of adding a few of them to my flock via a broody hen & switch them out with a few golf balls i give to the broodies if we dont want them hatching out chicks...lol yeah right : ) so im planning on doing the old switch a ro with some live chicks & the golf balls & was planning on getting a few orps of any color & see how that goes , i have never done that , but also im ready to take over and become the new chick mama if its not going to work out, but fingers crossed we will have a successful BA mama hen to raise the new ORP babies , and so i have this one question would any one in this group recommend this lovely breed for an egg business..? i mostly keep BA RIR RIW NHR DEL BR SLW and have hand raised all 70 of them by my self , and so what say you all about my question and thanks for all your help in advance : )

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