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    The popular Orpington breed originated from the town of Orpington, Kent, in south-east England, where the original black Orpington was bred by William Cook in 1886. (Mr Cook also created the Orpington duck breed). Mr Cook crossed Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks to create a new hybrid breed, from which he selected to breed a black bird, that would also exhibit well, by hiding the dirt and soot of London.
    The breed was shown in Madison Square Gardens in 1895 and its popularity soared. Its large size and soft appearance together with its beautiful colours make it very attractive breed and as such its popularity has grown as a show bird rather than a utility breed. Hens are fairly often broody and are good mothers. Although rather heavy, they are able to fly small distances but rarely do so.
    The original breed colours/varieties are black, white, buff, blue and splash. Although there are many additional varieties recognised throughout the world, for example the Jubilee Orpington, only the original colours are recognised by the American Standard, the Buff being the most common colour. In the beginning of the twentieth century, Herman Kuhn of Germany developed a Bantam variety of Orpingtons and the Bantam retains the appearance of the LF Orpingtons, but in a smaller size. There is a large variety of colours in the Bantam version, including black, blue laced, white, buff, red, buff black laced, barred, buff Columbian, and birchen.

    Purpose: Dual; Exhibition
    Egg laying: 175-200 eggs annually
    Weight: Cocks: 7.9-10 lbs; Hens: 5.9-7.9 lbs
    Colours/Varieties: Black, Buff, Blue, White, Red, Splash, Jubilee (and more)


    Pic by @lauralou

    Pic by @allaboutdemchicks

    Pic by @cherylcohen

    Pic by @Fowl Visions

    Pic by @wilds of pa

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    Do you own Orpingtons? Are you an Orpington breeder? If so, please reply to this thread with the your thoughts and experiences, including:

    · What made you decide to get this breed?
    · Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
    · What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
    · Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!
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    I chose a Buff Orpington for its "cold hardiness" because I live in CT and its blonde like me! Hazel is one of three hens I ordered. Little did I know she would be the most affectionate chicken ever! I sit in the coop everyday for a chat with the girls and Hazel always hops up onto my lap. Once she has settled into her comfy position, I rub around her ears, she purrs and falls asleep. If I'm looking for a little love, Hazel is my go to gal. I have nine hens - all are pets. This is Hazel.

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    These are our 4. We are brand new to chickens and I wanted a breed that was friendly with a good temperament.The picture on the bottom is when we got them 12 days ago. The picture on the top was a few days ago along with the 4 other chicks we got, two Black Australorps and two Silkies. They are growing fast.
    Karen in MA


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  4. CheyenneChick

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    I picked my Buff Orpington for her hardiness...we live in Wisconsin. She turned out to be the prettiest and most lovable chicken of my brood! She was also a great egg layer!
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    I have two pet chickens, one is a Road Island Red named Nadine, the other, a Buff Orpington named Millie. Both are hysterically comical ..... from listening to them bickering with each other, to watching them dirt bathe in the deepest holes, to seeing them frolic in the mud looking for bugs. Millie loves to be picked up and would sit in your lap for hours if you'd let her. [​IMG]
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    I raise and breed buff orpingtons. I chose them primarily because I wanted a meat bird that was also broody to be more self sufficient. I Love their friendly and inquisitive personalities, their little 'bloomers' it looks like they are wearing, and their general good health.
  7. sumi

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    I love the pics, you all!
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    I love Buff orpingtons. Mines name was Lizzie. She was the sweetest chicken in my flock and would come when I called her name. Sadly she got attacked my a hawk and died. I highly recommend this breed for their sweet and friendly personality. They are great with kids and highly intelligent.
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    I love Orpingtons! I currently have two Black pullets, two Blue pullets, a Jubilee pullet, a Partridge pullet, four Buff pullets. I also have a Splash rooster and a 1/4 Buff 3/4 Splash rooster.

    They are by far some of the friendliest chickens I've ever had, they weren't even handled that much as chicks yet they still come up to me and a few like to get the occasional pat. The boys are massive too![​IMG] They aren't aggressive(knock on wood) and always give me my space. I'm hoping to hatch some chicks from them this year, but in a pen full of black chickens that lay brown eggs it might be hard to figure out parentage.

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