Dec 26, 2006
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    1. nessa.morg
      Is it possible for you to let me edit my thread title and first message again? I ran out of edits because I was trying to decide what date to end my contest. But I want to extend it till December so I get a bunch of entries.
      1. Nifty-Chicken
        If you report the post (using the report link) and let us know what you want the title to be, our moderators can change it.
        Jul 9, 2018
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    2. Counting chickens
      Counting chickens
      I have a quick idea, perhaps we could have two groups one for primarily photos and sharing of General ideas, and the other construction specific. I had a really long post to you but didn't know about the character limit, LOL
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    3. Mountain Peeps
      Mountain Peeps
      Thank you, Rob. It's good to be back! :)
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    4. Broody Bist
      Broody Bist
      Hi! Would you please change my name to Broody Bist
    5. BYC-user-452147
      can you please delete my account or change my name so this account cannot be found
      1. BYC-user-452147
        thank you
        May 10, 2018
    6. Rondack
      How do you become a "Flock Master"?
    7. Rondack
      How can I get a chickoin?
    8. chickenmeadow
      Hi there again Nifty-Chicken, thanks for solving my last issue.
      I've been showing a friend the BYC, now she wants chickens & to log in here. Tried to set up account on her smartphone but it doesn't accept; when we try to log in with her chosen name it doesn't work & has said that her email address is already being used. She is relying on me to help her, I have all of her info, so what shall I do now? Thank you.
      1. Nifty-Chicken
        Mar 23, 2018
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    9. chickenmeadow
      Good morning Nifty-Chicken. Now I am sending you a message from , my old account "save the favs" (Denise Taylor). You asked that I send you a message from old & new accounts. My current account is "chickenmeadow" (Denise Taylor), would like to add the history (points, all messages, etc.) from old acct to current one "chickenmeadow" (keeping my current profile intact). Thank you. Have a fun day.
    10. chickenmeadow
      Hi Nifty-Chicken. I'd like to combine my BYC activities from a prior name (save the favs); is this possible. It would be fun to easily refer back to some of my postings & also add those points to my current BYC name & account (Messages, Likes rcv'd & Trophy). My personal name is the same, but my prior address has changed a little. Thank you
      1. Nifty-Chicken
        Please send me a private message / conversation with more details and I'll take a look.
        Mar 9, 2018
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    Well, I had to join BYC to create BYC... or did I create BYC so I could join BYC? Seems like a chicken / egg question!!!


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