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Inside it looked like a lot of white chia seeds. I removed about a 1 inch circle. She's bandaged and resting in my hospital cage. I'm about to bring the tumor to my vet to see if he/she knows what it is by just looking at it.... I'm going to just let her live her life out as long as she is not suffering.
sera phine
sera phine
HOWEVER, I found another growth on the outside of her breast bone area. It looked like hard poop. With the assistance of a friend and some edible medical marijuana for the chicken, I removed that growth.
This morning,Using a surgical scalpel I opened the growth about 1/2 inch. It did not bleed and felt like grizzle feels when cutting through that. I've decided to close it up and let it be.
Hi, I may be interested in the 4 pullets that you are rehoming. Can you tell me where you got them and if they had been vaccinated for Mareks? Also do you have any pictures of the birds and are you charging a rehoming fee? Thank you.
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