Cup o' Joe and Tea Too


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
Hi folks!
I'm opening a new cafe on BYC Main Street! :ya 🍵 ☕ 🥯 🍳 This is a gathering place for folks to chat about chickens, ducks, animals or just a place to pop in for coffee and say hi!

A drama free zone, please! :D Great conversations begin with diversity of thought!

Anyone want to join me?

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I know I'm missing someone here. :oops: Just trying to invite a few friends!!!


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Jan 4, 2019
North East USA
I should probably properly introduce myself, lol.

First off, please call me Clucky through out this chat. (Thanks!) I own a small flock of six chickens at the moment. I also pet sit for my neighbors and own two betta fish. This is my first year with chickens so I'm starting out small, but I'm hoping to hatch some eggs with a broody hen this summer! :D BTW, I also help take care of cows at a local cow farm near me.
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