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Hi everyone, we have decided to feature and spotlight some of the amazing chicken breeds our members are keeping and working with. From now on every week on Thursday, we are going to start a new feature thread on a different breed, which will be our "breed focus of the week".

If anyone would like to contribute in any way to this project, have suggestions, or feedback, please send a PM to @BYC Project Manager !

For quick reference, links to new breed focus threads will be added to the second post of this thread as and when we start them.
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Thanks to @sumi & @Kelsie2290 for their awesome work on this!!!



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Here is a breed that really needs attention.

There are several breeds that we are about to lose because they have gone to the way side of the poultry industry and hobbyist. I am very concerned about the RC Rhode Island White breed. For the last three years I have only found about 1000 adult breeder birds if that. Duane Urch and Sandhill Preservation have a few as far as I know as a hatchery goes but individual breeds are about gone.

Commercial hatcheries say they have them…hum a Rhode Island White according to the originator of the breed and APA say they are supposed to be Rose Comb not Single Comb. The hybrids that they commercial hatcheries have are not really a true Rhode Island White in my opinion…sorry boys if you disagree but again the originator of the breed made them RC not SC.

The Rose Comb Rhode Island White although largely outshined by their popular cousins, the Rhode Island Red, the only real connection of the two is the body type and that they both were developed in the state of Rhode Island.

The beginning of the Rhode Island White breed began in Peacedale, Rhode Island, in 1888 by J. Alonzo Jocoy. He developed the breed by crossing a White Wyandotte with Partridge Cochin and Rose Comb White Leghorn. The breed developed and changed over time until its body resembled that of the Rhode Island Red but in a stark white color. The breed was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1922. They were somewhat popular until the 1950’s and slowly faded. According to the Livestock Conservancy there were about 3000 Rhode Island Whites in existence at the time they took a survey of breeds in 2003, the ALBC Poultry Census. My recent research show that we have less than 1000 of them but it is not an official count on RC Rhode Island White breed today. There are several small individual flocks with limited numbers. We really need to work on this breed and bring them back to the numbers and quality that they used to be in 1920-1950.

This breed is in need of major help. Here are a few pictures of the few that I have.

Original female from Frank Reese in KS

a few of my line of them...

These are truly a dual purpose bird in that they are great layers and great meat birds. Last years carcasses came in at an average of 5 pounds at 28-30 weeks.

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