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Average User Rating:
  1. SoCalClucker
    "Great layer and awesome mother!"
    Pros - Steady layer of large brown eggs, best mother hen ever, very calm and docile
    Cons - Goes broody predictably in springtime
    Our Buff Orpington is probably the sweetest, calmest girl we have right now. She's not small by any means -- maybe even the biggest? -- but her personality is extremely mellow. She lays well, and her eggs are consistently large and pretty medium brown. She also goes broody pretty much like clockwork each spring, so this year we finally gave her a clutch of fertile hatching eggs to sit on and some day-old chicks to adopt on Hatching Day when a small disaster meant most of the eggs would probably not hatch. She sat on those eggs so dutifully for 3 looooong weeks, and bonded with both the hatched and the foster chicks instantly... sooo sweet. She's now mothering them, tucking all 5 under her wings at night still, showing them how to scratch and forage and roost, and doing an incredible job at it. Her mothering abilities make her priceless to our flock, so regardless of how long she lays, we'll be keeping her around.
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  2. Fancychooklady
    "Gentle giants"
  3. kacothran
    "Classic Chicken"
    Pros - VERY friendly, good layer, good forager
    Cons - None
    My Orpington is the top hen in our flock and she is as sweet as they come when it comes to being in charge. She is literally like a dog stuck in a chicken's body. She loves to be picked up and carried around, and once she's on my lap, she's there to stay. She started laying extremely well (6 eggs per week) but now at almost 2 years old she's only laying 1 egg per week on average with a high quality feed and no other health problems. All the other orpington charm still makes her a five star bird, though :)
  4. AfroChickens
    "Great Birds"
    Pros - Friendly, Hardy, Big, Good Layers
    Cons - Docile, May get picked on.
    I never had chickens before I got my Buffs but I couldn't have any other breed! They are hilarious. Quiet, which is a huge plus for me. They are big on greeting you and following you around. Very social and make the cutest coo sounds. I don't have children but I think it's a great bird to have with children because they seem to be very relaxed. Easy to handle. No regrets here.
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  5. hbhoffman
    "Friendly, gentle,consistent layers,"
    Pros - Mine like to be handled if started as a chick, good consistent layers of large brown eggs, pretty good at avoiding hawks, not fussy eaters & do well on free range & foraging for food, sturdy bodies,she looks for us & comes running *every single time*
    Cons - Need to plan for larger bodies if English Orps for roosting and nest boxes, for a quick glance the fluffy butt feathers can make it hard to tell if there are any rear end issues, Can take longer to POL.
    My friendly,buff Orpington came to us as a chick. She was handled from the start and to this day comes running to see if we have a treat & to be held. She knows that dogs and cats are generally safe but hawks & owls are not. She's a good runner if needed. They do well foraging for themselves year round but we do leave feed out. The eggs are really large with nice brown color and sturdy shells. They love mealworms and most other fruits scraps!
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  6. beerlady
    "Really lovely creatures"
    Pros - Friendly, doesn't mind being handled, in fact likes it, really good egg layer.
    Cons - None!
    Sadly I just lost my Buff Orpington, Cora, but she was hands down the most wonderful pet. She wasn't quite a lap chicken, but she ran to greet me at the gate when I got home each day and would also run to me when treats were to be had. She also liked to be picked up and carried around the yard. She consistently gave me 6 eggs a week.
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  7. sunnychooks
    "Nice Friendly Birds"
    Pros - Easy to handle. Large beautiful chickens.
    Cons - I've had many of these over the years and they have a tendency to go broody more often than other breeds I've had, so egg production has suffered.
    Broodiness may be a problem if you're looking for eggs, but if you want to naturally hatch chicks this could be an advantage.
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  8. chickendreams24
    "Colors of the rainbow!"
    Pros - Large docile calm flock friendly can go broody great mothers, good layers, many colors to choose from, great starter chicken! Winter hardy. good free rangers and foragers. Very friendly and enjoy people. Dual purpose
    Cons - Can be broody(if you don't like that), can have trouble with extreme heat. The occasional one can be lazy, even a chow hound which can lead to obesity(this seems rare for our birds though)
    The first chickens we bought were American Buff Orpingtons(naturally before they came we got more breeds).

    We now have both American and imported English lines of Orpingtons. I love them both. We have lavenders, blacks, chocolate, chocolate cuckoo, buffs, and we just hatched out several that I believe include mottled blacks, mauves and blues.

    They also come in a couple of laced colors partridge and many others. we love our Orps. They're awesome!

    The American lines do tend to not be as fluffy and lay better than the English but our English lines lay very well probably 5/week for most of our girls if not more.

    I highly recommend you try this breed. We had a three year old visitor pick up a buff hen and cart her around. Also our three year old nephew loved our biggest roo and I didn't have to worry if he was safe. While I'd never leave a child unattended with the flock it was awesome to see them interact.
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  9. Judy925
    "Cochin Crazy"
    Pros - Tweedy is a master fertilizer. She sent a snake packing one day. He hasn't been back since. She loves to see me even before I put on makeup. When I feed her, she feeds me.
    Cons - Tweedy helps me propagate my succulents with me. She is a master fertilizer. She sent a snake packing one day. He hasn't been back since. The rodents he used to eat are thinking of moving back in. My cholesterol shot up dramatically.
    I have nothing to add that is of scientific value. I can only give you the comical side of this breed's qualities. While I would love to share them with y'all, there are simply too many to list. Altho there is one that is my all-time favorite... I have a nosy neighbor who loves to talk trash about everyone (especially me for whatever reason). I recently found out she HATES chickens. She reported me to the police only to find the policeman she spoke to owns 20 chickens. Does life get better than this?

    I am giving this review because everyone should smile at least once a day.
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  10. Fernie
    "A Favorite Breed"
    Pros - Friendly, calm, easily handled, gentle
    Cons - Tend to go broody
    This is one of our favorite breeds. They are the sweetest birds. Whenever we purchase new stock Orpingtons are one of the breeds we like to get.
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