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  1. PruittFarm
    "My Hubbys "Girlfriend"the Buff Orpington"
    Pros - Loving family pets
    Our youg Buff Orpington was the best hen we ever had! She gave us eggs everyday and loved "us" mostly my Hubby. She was his little Girlfriend. Every day she would wait in the driveway for him to come home. She would fallow him everywere she could and would run up to him as fast as she could every time he opend the door. She would only come to me like this if i had food lol and she would beg! Too cute!
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  2. rachelsflock
    "EnglishOrps-Fantastic Meaties, Layers good, Broody"
    Pros - Gentle broody
    Meat tender to at least 9 months, and lots of it
    Lays well, even in winter
    Cons - Not a daily layer
    Docile around kids. Hard to find. Expensive. Tender meat. Can have low fertility without fluff trimming. Sweet birds. Regularly lays, though not daily, eggs medium. Cold resistant. Grows very slowly and matures after the 1 year mark. Rooster protective and watchful but far from a terror and tolerates my kids well with no attacks to date (going on two years on this bird). Red Cuckoo English Orpingtons make amazing color crosses as well as hybrids. Planning on sticking with Red English Orpingtons for a long time. Good longevity of lay.
  3. Lavender Ro
    Pros - Orpingtons are, friendly, not usually aggressive, and a Great family chicken breed.
    I love this breed of chicken. Great sized eggs and awesome personality!
  4. strangeanimal
    "great PET,OK hen"
    Pros - Very docile and silent , not too noisy at all yet like every chicken and human it depends on the one you have . when broody they stay broody , lay regular , large and good quality eggs , easy to handle if you have kids too
    Cons - need too much attention of owner , does not really defend itself,usually at the lowest rank of flock,quikly stressed out,deceptive
    Had some good and some less experience with this breed especially buff yet 1 bird was so determined to get a HUGH by pretending to die or get a stroke ! once picked up to have a look it layed the head on my shoulder and did not want to be putted back nor to be let go ! Deceptive in this way ,yet poor defend in flock and not social with other members only with the owner trying to involve, good bird for kids and as a petted pet but not in a flock with less docile breeds. Sold them due their wish to get petted and not having that amount of time, also relies on owner if others peck it and just call out on you to the rescue.lay good large eggs and meat seems tender yet is not as tender as expected
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  5. Lovemylilcluckers
    "My Orpington!"
    Pros - Beautiful
    Cons - Sassy
    My orpington was my favorite bird for the first 2 months. She suffered an injury at week 3 (was trapped under a water feeder that tipped over and almost died) and I was so attached to her for surviving. She was very handle friendly until she was moved outside to her permanent coop. Now she is always my last one that I catch and very sassy. All my other chickens actually are very submissive and easy to pet (except for my orpington).
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  6. mountaincabins
    "Love my orps!"
    Pros - Sweet, gentle, good natured, easy keepers, Broody!!
    Cons - Less eggs :-(
  7. lovechicks1293
    "Greatest breed choice ever!"
    Pros - Big, rich eggs...Sweet personality...Easy to train...gets along well with other breeds...even the roos are sweethearts!
    Cons - None at all!
    Buff Orpingtons are the BEST choice for beginner chicken keepers;
    The big, rich eggs, sweet and gentle personality, Gets along with other chickens FANTASTICALLY and is a very good broody mama if you want to hatch eggs! If I HAD to pick a con about them, it would be...they eat a lot...:lol: Best choice of chickens I've ever made! I would give them 5,000,000 stars if I could!


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  8. Squeak61
    "Just okay"
    Buff Orpingtons are mellow, but they aren't particularly friendly/affectionate. They're also very loud. Mine are too young to lay eggs, but I've heard they're good layers. They also lay in the winter, which is awesome. Overall, they're not my favorite. I don't dislike them, but I definitely don't like them the best.
  9. SoCalClucker
    "Great layer and awesome mother!"
    Pros - Steady layer of large brown eggs, best mother hen ever, very calm and docile
    Cons - Goes broody predictably in springtime
    Our Buff Orpington is probably the sweetest, calmest girl we have right now. She's not small by any means -- maybe even the biggest? -- but her personality is extremely mellow. She lays well, and her eggs are consistently large and pretty medium brown. She also goes broody pretty much like clockwork each spring, so this year we finally gave her a clutch of fertile hatching eggs to sit on and some day-old chicks to adopt on Hatching Day when a small disaster meant most of the eggs would probably not hatch. She sat on those eggs so dutifully for 3 looooong weeks, and bonded with both the hatched and the foster chicks instantly... sooo sweet. She's now mothering them, tucking all 5 under her wings at night still, showing them how to scratch and forage and roost, and doing an incredible job at it. Her mothering abilities make her priceless to our flock, so regardless of how long she lays, we'll be keeping her around.
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  10. Fancychooklady
    "Gentle giants"

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