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  1. Angiesgarden
    "Great with kids"
    Pros - They are friendly and very passive. Great with kids and tolerant to being picked up.
    Cons - They can be loud after laying an egg. They are also prone to be broody so you need to be diligent about picking up eggs every day unless you want them to hatch the eggs. This can be a pro or a con.
  2. Callsp
    "My Buff Orpingtons"
    Pros - They are sweet birds and noises out of these birds are at a minimum!!
    Cons - Buff Orpingtons have a low laying rate and they are known for going broody a lot
    I think that the Buff Orpington chicken is a very sweet bird. They are gental and they will (once in a while) let me pet them and pick them up. However, they are chickens that have a low laying rate and they are known to go broody quite often. I have experienced this a lot with this chicken. Besides that reason, I recommend this chicken for people who are starting.
  3. BarnhartChickens98
    "So Nice!"
    Pros - Friendly and calm, quiet, good layer, nice to other hens
    Cons - Goes broody so not a great producer, but i love her just the same.
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  4. Little Farm Girl
    Pros - They are wonderful forgagers, and fantastic broodies. They're also very sweet and good layers.
    Cons - I can't think of any, Except they poop like all other chickens.
    We love our buff Orpingtons, ours are always out foraging, so they don't seem to eat as much. They aren't skittish or freaked out by the sight of a human. Ours are constantly in the barn going broody, and are very good mommas too. Overall, they are great chickens, and we love them.


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  5. wvchickenchick311
    "Sweet so so sweet!!"
    Pros - Sweet,fluffy,nice to other chickens.
    Cons - Bite a lot. Other than that goooooood chickens!
    baby Orpington she is sooooo sweet and nice.
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  6. MomJones
    "Best Of All In My Humble Opinion"
    Pros - Gentle, Big, Great Mamas, Lovely Color
    Cons - None--these are awesome birds
    I have about 45 birds, 6 different breeds, no roos currently. The Buff Orphingtons are the best of all of them. They're wonderful broody moms but will move if I need to "steal" their eggs. They don't fight or pick on smaller birds, and at 2 years of age they are big and fabuloous, with large breasts and substantial sized legs. Love these birds.
    Purchase Price:
    $2.99 per chick
    Purchase Date:
    April 2017


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  7. cluckmecoop7
    "Best breed ever!!!!"
    Pros - They are very sweet and loving, they love to be petted, they don't get scared very easily, they are a very nice egg laying breed, they lay great sell eggs, they are VERY docile.
    Cons - They are great! NO cons.
    This breed is one of my favorites! They are lovely birds! I love them so much, I would say why...but I already have! Up above in the pros section.
    Purchase Price:
    3.00 each
    Purchase Date:
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  8. mesalina87
    "Sweet bird"
    Pros - excellent chicken: good flock bird, quiet and docile, great egg layer of large eggs, even tempered, love to be in your company when raised and handled when hatched
    Cons - none
    These are a beautiful chicken. Soft plumage that put me in the mind of a golden retriever color. They laid beautiful brown eggs. Would love to sit with me in the yard and get on my lap. Very gentle chicken.
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  9. lauralou
    "Reliable broody hens"
    Pros - Beautiful, fluffy birds. Good layers - when they are laying.
    Their true value to the flock is as a broody hen, raising the next generation.
    Cons - If you don't want to hatch eggs and raise chicks on site, you don't need a broody hen, and it can be a pain having to break them of broodiness.
    I've had the Buff Orpingtons, and they were fine broody hens, as well as being general favorites for their beauty and their sweet personalities.

    Highly recommended for the sustainable backyard flock.
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  10. MilleFleurChick
    "Sweet or Spicy?"
    Pros - Buff Orphingtons are either sweet or complete knuckleheads , They Also Lay Very Beautiful Eggs That Make Excellent Sellers
    Cons - Buff Orphingtons are either sweet or complete knuckleheads, They Are Usually The Boss Of The Pecking Order Or "Flock Bully"
    You can pick and choose which ones are sweet and mean but they are truly unpredictable at first...
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