1. B

    Duck back feathers sticking up

    Hello does anyone know why my Rouen’s back feathers are sticking up like this? I’ve had her for about 10 months and she should be fully grown by now. The feathers started looking like this a few days ago and isn’t present on any of my other ducks.
  2. I

    Questions about Silkie Ducks

    Hi, all! This is my first post here at Backyard Chickens :) I first joined these forums because I wanted as much information as I could find for a mixed flock we’ll be raising in our urban backyard. But right now I wanted to talk about Silkie Ducks! It seems a little too much to hope to...
  3. F

    One of my two ducks died. PLEASE HELP ME

    Hi everyone. I bought two ducks less than a year ago, they were really good friends, very close to each other. One of them had a disease, he died yesterday. The other one is acting weird, he has been quacking all day, almost non stop. I try to spend as much time as I can with him, but I can´t...
  4. Beani

    2 Pekin Drakes, Vero Beach, Florida

    2 Pekin Drakes need a new home. Hatched in the last week of August 2020, they are now 4 months old. These ducks are sweet boys-raised as pets, and used to free-ranging over several acres and a large pond. They have become aggressive towards chickens since losing their mates to what I suspect is...
  5. S

    Male duck trying to mate me😩

    So my male pekin is coming up on 4 months old and he is obsessed with trying to mate with me! He has females but he’s not interested?😩 it’s getting to the point where I’m covered in bruises from him and don’t know how to make him stop! I thought he wanted a lovely cuddle last night and to my...
  6. Collinska

    Please help, injured duck foot

    Hi everyone, I have an adult pekin drake who is an indoor/outdoor pet. He is my baby boy and totally babied so I am very worried. He comes inside at night and stays in the largest rubbermaid tote I’ve ever seen since we have a problem around here with raccoons and stuff and don’t want him eaten...
  7. H

    Muscovy feeding, care, and bullying questions

    Aloha. I free range five hens of different varieties in my backyard, and about 5 months ago my children convinced me to get a pair of Muskovy ducklings. I haven’t yet figured out how people free feed their birds. The minute my birds step away from the feeder, at least 20 wild birds swoop in...
  8. M

    Duck Seems to have Extreme Anxiety Weeks after Attack

    My two female ducks were attacked three weeks ago and both survived. They are fully healed and one seems to be back to normal. The other one seems to have extreme anxiety. She constantly quacks very loud and the quack sounds very stressed. She was very comfortable with me and people beforehand...
  9. F

    Broken toe?

    Hello all, could use some help treating my duckie. Noticed that she was limping a few days ago and her left foot was swollen. Both feet had scabs on the underside so I started Epsom salt soaks with iodine, cleaning with vetricyn, and wrapping it up with ichtammol thinking she had bumble foot...
  10. Goosebaby

    Advice on how to give advice?

    Another concerned duck & goose mom on instagram reached out and brought to my attention someone who isn’t “from what I can see so far” exactly interested in the well-being of their duck. From what I’ve seen they’re using their duck as a prop for media attention. In one of their videos I’ve...
  11. Q

    Traumatized duck???

    Any help, suggestions, experiences would be greatly appreciated here. About a month ago we had a daytime predator attack. We lost a chick and a duckling to the predator, and a number of our ducks were rattled by it. A Muscovy hen and Cayuga hen stayed out on the pond all night. We saw them in...
  12. SolarDuck

    Just some cute duck videos.

    I'm just gonna use this thread to post any cute duck videos that I happen to take. Here is the 1st! If anyone else wants to share any cute duck vids feel free!
  13. Brooke_R

    Ducks won’t get out of pond at night

    My ducks normally would go to their coup in the evening on their own however lately since they’ve been hanging out in the pond all day, they refuse to go to bed. I try to coax them out of the pond but the won’t get out and I swear they even mess with me by swimming up like they will and then...
  14. LaJazzyJeff

    Duck limping?

    She was fine this morning. Its been raining all day so we let them roam around our yard to play. We always do that; nothing new for them honestly. We noticed her limping on her left foot, when we picked her up to check, there was no swelling, no abnormal warmth, no sign if any harm to her. She...
  15. T

    Duck Wheezing, Sneezing or what? Sounds like honking.

    Hi! I’m a first time duck owner with a 5 month old crested white peckin. She’s been in great health, eating well, acting normal, etc. She recently started doing this wheezing/backwards sneezing (not sure what it is or why she’s doing it) for the past 1-2 weeks and I’m not sure whether to be...
  16. K

    Duck Help

    Hello again, I’m worried about my duck, as she’s suddenly acting strange. I was trying to help her legs/feet become less dry last time I was here. I got a humidifier and some source of vitamin A. I also learned because of the dryness and other factors, she started to get bumblefoot. Since...
  17. MysticPoultry101

    Sick Duck- HELP!

    I have a 5 month old Swedish Blue hen and Ive recently noticed that she has been acting very unusual. She is hardly eating but will drink plenty of water. Her crop is filling and Emptying as normal, so i dont thing it's Pendelous Crop. She wont walk, But will instead scoot herself around. When...
  18. Yonny

    Lot of magpie ducks Kansas City Mo, 64117

    Hi I am looking to sell 8 of my magpie ducks (4 drakes and 4 females) as a lot -$160 The silver/lavender colored one is a drake. (They are free ranged I just penned them to get the pics)
  19. K

    Sneezing Duckling

    Hello, I recently hatched my very first egg. She’s an Ancona duck and now about 6 days old. The past few days she’s been sneezing a lot. No discharge from eyes or nostrils and her poop looks normal. Eating and drinking plenty and getting added niacin to food through Brewers yeast. She seems...
  20. LaJazzyJeff

    New Duckling Umbilical Stump?

    We hatched a duckling today that was about a week younger than the other two, so we expected it to hatch later than our first two. During development, it caught up to the others very quickly to the point where you could barely tell it was late. When it hatched unassisted today, when she came...
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