1. T

    How long for a full nest to hatch?

    My Indian Runner has been on 3 eggs, all were viable, I have seen all the signs when candling. The first hatched yesterday but there is no sign of the other two hatching. How long should I leave it before removing the eggs? Thanks for your help and advice
  2. KathiQuacks

    Videos of My Ducks from the Past Month! (3)

    I had a lot of fun creating the last 2 “Videos of My Ducks” during my Hatch-Along, so I decided to make another! I hope y’all enjoy :)
  3. Riley024

    HELP, call duck hatched. Didn’t absorb all of the yolk

    This is my first batch of call duck eggs. Started out w/ 12. Now only 2 have hatched. The first one looks completely fine. This little guy clearly didn’t absorb all the yolk and there’s a little clear string attached to the belly that goes to the egg. What do I do ? Is there any saving it. I’ve...
  4. L

    Raging mallard drake

    My faithful little drake is an a-hole. He’s a wild Mallard (not protected in my country) that I raised after finding him as a day old baby in a busy road September 2023. He’s not mean to me but he persecutes one of my geese mercilessly. Maybe she’s a gander? He was hand raised alongside my two...
  5. G

    Old Duck PLS HELP

    Hello! I am making this post in hopes that someone can suggest something to help my duck… I have a Muscovy duck named SPLASH who is quite old, he is about 15 yrs old, has lost sight in one eye, but still kicking :) SPLASH has always had wat we just called a ‘wonky wing’ ((we assumed he injured...
  6. Papaye

    Questions about different duck breeds

    Hello. I would like to add some new duck breeds in my yard... I already own Indian Runner ducks and chickens. I would want to add at least one breed that could live and free range together with my birds - with these qualities if possible : 1 - good egg layers (a breed that lays even in winter...
  7. jennasips

    Duck has green poop and not eating well

    Hello, My two year old male pet duck Cheese has been having issues with eating for almost a week now. He is still eating but in very small amounts and it continues to decrease as the days go on. He used to devour his meal worms and now is barely touching them. He is drinking normally. As for...
  8. L

    2 Indiana Runner Duck Drakes in Denver, Colorado

    I have two Indiana runner ducks that I got from a farm in Fort Collins at the same time as my four chickens. They turned out to be drakes, unexpectedly, and have started to aggressively mount my chickens so it’s time for them to find a new home. Would anyone be willing and able to give Hurry...
  9. A

    I only have one duckling what should I do!?

    Hi, I incubated 3 call duck eggs with my chicken eggs just to see if they were even fertilized. Well we candled all the chicks and duck eggs that didn’t hatch and it seemed there wasn’t anything in any of them. We went outside to crack open the eggs to identify why the eggs didn’t hatch...
  10. K

    New Member - Duck Wing Issue?

    Hello, all! I’m new here but I’ve been a longtime lurker without an account. But finally made an account because I am new to ducks and need some opinions. I have four 8 week old Pekins (pretty sure they’re jumbo 🤦🏼‍♀️) and one of them is struggling to keep her wings tucked in. When she walks...
  11. D

    Sick Duck, dont know what to do for her

    Hey there, I have a female buff duck, almost 2 years old, who recently has started acting strange. We first noticed that when the flock would venture to the neighbors yard she would stop walking, drop her wings and wanted to be carried back to our yard. This is very unusual as our ducks do not...
  12. BKHen

    After loss- duck needs a new home

    A few nights ago a predator attacked and killed 2 out of 3 of my ducks. It even ate the eggs my female duck was sitting on. The one who survived is devastated 💔. He wont eat, quack, or enjoy his day. My family is sad but we need to to find a new home with ducks so he can hopefully be a happy...
  13. BKHen

    Duck family tragedy- duck needs a new home

    Two nights ago a predator attacked and killed 2 out of 3 of my ducks. It even ate the eggs my female duck was sitting on. The one who survived is devastated 💔. He wont eat, quack, or enjoy his day. My family is sad but we need to to find a new home with ducks so he can hopefully be a happy guy...
  14. 1

    Injured Duck, Need Help

    I came across my duck laying down, barely able to move this morning. He is unable to stand or move much and it appears that he is unable to open his bill on his own. He has been cheeping constantly. I do not see any physical injures but am new to ducks. I did check the band on his leg but it’s...
  15. xKaitlin

    Broody duck has eggs of all different stages!!

    So my Aylesbury duck has been sitting on her eggs for almost 28 days now, and I only realised 15 days in that she had been laying the whole time. After candling the eggs I think I’ve got two out of six that are ready to pip but the rest still look quite behind as their air cell is quite small...
  16. WaterfowlsPoultry

    Crows are hanging around my coop. Is this a problem?

    We noticed 2 crows moved in, Probably mates and they seemed to want to make a nest in one of the nearby trees but the only problem is that they sometimes hang around my birds and interact with my dogs?? I get that crows are incredibly smart, but the two crows would interact with my dogs by just...
  17. A

    2 male pekin ducks

    I just learned there’s a buy/sell section of this forum! I’m based in Clackamas county Oregon. I’ve had 2 male pekin a for 3 years now, and I can no longer take care of them. I posted a Craigslist ad but I figured I should expand my sources a bit. I’m moving soon and I won’t be able to bring...
  18. HorseDad

    Duck hatching eggs for sale

    We have Pekins and Campbells here, and we have both pure Pekin hatching eggs and Pekin/Campbell cross hatching eggs (we know the difference due to the sizes). I've collected six of the pure Pekin fertile eggs so far, and we have hatched three crossbreed ducklings so far. We have a Pekin drake...
  19. TigerLily34

    Day 41 no pip but alive? Huh??

    Hi all! I run a poultry farm and have hatched hundreds of eggs, and I’ve finally run into a first. I have a duck egg with high priority (laid by a now passed duck of importance to us) who is on day 41 with no pip or any indication of one. We’ve hatched many ducklings and I incubated this one the...
  20. A

    Intro from Montana

    Hello, everyone! I’m new here, but have been lurking without an account for a couple months. New chicken and duck owner as of March (all were a week old or less then). We have six ducks and ten chickens. 3 Barred Rock, 3 Sapphire Gems, 4 Light Brahmas, 1 Cayuga, 1 Rouen, 2 Black Runners, 1...
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