1. DrVeghead

    Newspaper article: rescuing ducks

    This article introduces a woman who rescues ducks in north central PA! Excerpts: Whether it’s ducks or scrapbooking, hobbies certainly vary. Debbie Colucci...
  2. Maddy10122


    Hello everyone! Some background: My ducks were born in June of 2017. Being a first time duck/chicken mom, I when they came to age, I promptly trimmed their flight feathers in fear of them flying away. One of the ducks has molted multiple times in the years since, but the other duck still has...
  3. Stephdk

    2 Pekin ducks in SW Chicagoland in need of re-homing

    Hi All, We have 2 beautiful ducks we inherited from a college aged family member who had no idea what he was getting into when he took them in as hatchlings. He raised them indoors and they are fantastic with him but he lived in a small studio apartment on campus and was at risk of being...
  4. cityfarmer12

    Is it dangerous to let ducks swim in water runoff?

    Hello everyone! I have a small flock of 5 ducks that are currently penned up near the house in a chicken tractor. This winter, I am working on fencing off the back half of the property (about half an acre) to give the livestock (ducks, chickens, turkeys and hopefully goats) more room to...
  5. Bridger Davis

    Is this normal??

    Hey everyone! I now have 6 ducks, and they are all fed a healthy organic feed with scratch grains mixed in daily. I haven't had any more problems with limping or any injuries for that matter since my last thread, so I'm really happy about that! I was wondering however, my largest duck, a Cayuga...
  6. Fennel

    Two lame ducks

    We have probably 30 Muscovey ducks in our farm pond. We've had one of the young females go lame a few weeks ago, just sits around, won't walk. She will eat/drink if you put it in front of her. She's had a few blood blisters come up on her feet, that I've drained. I put her in the backyard...
  7. WannaBeHillBilly

    Some of my ducks have developed a »belly pouch«

    Hi Friends! Today i noticed that Pompom Duck, my crested Magpie/Black swedish duck is almost dragging the back end of her belly over the ground. She has developed some kind of pouch between her legs. Looking at the other ducks i can see similar developments in all laying ducks, except for the...
  8. M

    San bernardino and riverside county, CA duck laws?

    Hi all! We made the decision to move to either San bernardino County or riverside county. We are going to focus on just ducks and we're wondering what the laws were. I can't find anything on ducks on their websites
  9. M

    Unwell duckling, please help.

    Hi all, just registered, first time posting, on the 29th of November I hatched two new ducklings, other than one (now named Snowflake) having slightly splayed legs all had seemed fine, for about the first week they were fed a crumb / mashed boiled egg mixture and Snowflake gradually made a...
  10. Animal family

    Dew claw ouchie

    Hi All! My Swedish Duck Quackers somehow ripped her dew claw off! Just the claw on the end. It was bleeding a bit and I washed it in soapy water, then dried it and put super glue on it. It was still oozing a tiny bit of blood so I pressed a tiny piece of clean paper towel on it and it glued on...
  11. D

    Duck severely bullied and injured

    Hello, I have four female ducks, two khaki campbells and two cherry valleys. A few months ago one of the cherry, Pebble was limping so I took her to the vet. They said it was probably something internal but they could not be sure until they had run more tests which would be very expensive and...
  12. M

    One of the wings of my duck has fallen

    sorry of my bad english i have a famele black swedish duck .she has a year and half. last night she was ok but today one of her wings has fallen and i notice some yellow thing stick on his back skin. she drinking and eating well but walking so hard anyone can help?
  13. I

    Help sick duck

    We got up this morning and checked on one of our ducks and found that she was very lethargic and acting entirely abnormal to her usual behaviour. she isn't standing and just sitting down. She isn't eating, although has tried a little bit, has drunken water but then proceeded to vomit. Any idea...
  14. A

    Traveling with my duck.

    I am worried about the pet duck I am adopting. We are driving 12 hours from Delaware to Maine and I don't want her to be sick. Is there something I can give her? Is there anything else i can do or should do to make she is comfortable during our travels Abby
  15. bdfive

    Black Australian Swan

    I have a healthy 4 year old male Black Australian swan that needs a mate. Do you have a mature female available, reasonably priced? Also open to giving up Gunther to a good forever home where he would be with a female. Price negotiable. Won't ship him so must be within driving distance of San...
  16. hhurrell

    Is this Bumblefoot? Help! No weight-bearing after injury

    Hello! My >1 year old female pekin duck hurt her leg last week when she got tangled in some briars. I tended to her wounds day-of and they seem to be healing nicely, but one week later and she still won't put weight on it and it sits out to the side. The toes are very swollen and she refuses to...
  17. CaliFarmsAR

    Show off any Pets,Farm animals!!

    I would love to see if this will be the longes post and you can show off your pets and farm animals. This is my drake. Here is my rooster Strutter.
  18. ChickChic00


    How much do a male and female together, khaki Campbell ducks go for? They are fully grown. Also how much would a Rouen duck age around 3-4 months old male go for?
  19. AMaggio

    Ducks depression?

    Hey everyone, I have chickens and ducks but just yesterday one of my drakes, a Runner, who is coming into adulthood, has challenged the head drake, a Pekin. The Pekin doesn't want to fight and ran away and all day yesterday the Runner would not let him back into the flock. We were able to get...
  20. CaliFarmsAR

    HELP! Duck and chicken attack

    So a friend of my moms had two dogs get in her pin. She thinks her duck has a dislocated thigh and wants to try it put it in is there any thing she can do for the chicken and duck. She took a picture of the ducks leg and the chickens back! Any help would be appreciate thank you!
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