1. M

    Cross Breeding, Very diverse flock

    We currently have Drakes- Khaki Campbell 2 Blue Swedish Welsh harlequin Hens- Silver swedish Black Swedish Cayuga Welsh harlequin 2 blue runners Fawn and white runner Buff Saxony Golden 300 Silver appleyard Rouen We have a very mixed flock, I was curious if I could get any insight on what...
  2. firenkyo

    Duck acting lethargic and hardly eating

    Hello! I have a magpie duck named Daffy, and she is currently acting very lethargic. Little bit of background - I live in Maine, and it's been very cold (-11 to 20 degrees F) recently. I live in a college dorm, but come home to visit on the weekends - so yesterday when I got home, I went to...
  3. Reiki Rooster

    What breed is this??

    My husband found this duck at his factory and I currently have her quarantined. Does anyone have any clue what breed or breed mix she is? Def looks like Muscovy but maybe mixed with something else. Tons of green iridescent feathers on her back. Thanks
  4. samakap

    Why my duck keeps yawning?!

    Please help! Is this normal? Video👇🏾
  5. cottoncandys

    Septic water safe to drink?? Ducks/chickens/geese

    Soo.. our septic tank is acting up and is leaking water from the access point. I don't know if the water is cleaned or not before it gets to the access point 😐... My chicken run is a few feet away from it and of course down hill from the water 🙄. It's going into the run and I'm afraid the ducks...
  6. L

    my two month old duckling barely walk

    I raised this baby duckling because he couldn't walk. it's legs were on the side and we always stood behind crying wanted to catch up with its brothers and sisters, one day he was left behind and picked it up amd start to raise it, tbh all your guys post in this forum helped me to raise my...
  7. DuckDuckJuice

    Duck Garden Ideas?

    Hi again, all! I have a question for everyone that is thankfully positive, for once. We are going to be redoing the backyard this spring, planting micro clover instead of grass, adding berry bushes, raised planters to keep our veggie garden safe from the ducks, etc. We have a stretch along the...
  8. S

    Pekin duck injured leg????!!!!

    Hi all. So this pekin isn't mine, but stays in the stall with my fostered orphan goose. They've been together since my goose was still a gosling because she had a bad staff infection and had to be separated from her flock back in I believe April or the very beginning of the summer. They get...
  9. TheHerbs3

    Ducks eating charcoal? ◼

    Does anybody have ducks that eat charcoal? One of my ducks will go to the firepit and eat charcoal. She is the only one that eats it in a flock of three.
  10. Aliamelody

    How can i make a Strong duck food?

    we live in special duck food Being made and Buying from fauren online shops like Amazon is so hard and can i made need of my ducks body with Homemade food?
  11. Aliamelody

    im back

    idk you remember me and my ducks or not.It have been 3 years.i rehomed my chickens and Adopted two Female ducks i keep Them in seperated pens and They are happy living.i have been learned many things in these three years! now i intruduce again. Hi! Im 19 and im momma of 4 ducks! we live...
  12. The chicken nurd

    Lethargic duck help

    today I went out to the coop to find one of my Muscovy hens not looking so good she seamed fine yesterday She’s acting lethargic not moving around much and I haven’t seen her eat yet I’ve delt with sick chickens before but never Ducks anyone have any ideas
  13. EronicaV

    Pet ducks in need of rehoming in 1-2 months (Indiana, 1 male 3 females) willing to travel

    Hello!! I’m looking for a home that has a good female:male ratio, supplies proper nutrition and daily clean swimming/drinking water, has nighttime housing, and a decent sized yard. The owner would keep an eye on the ducks’ health looking for possible health issues. I’m am willing to drive pretty...
  14. samakap

    Do duck get fowl pox?

    Hey, I noticed scab on my Muscovy’s caruncle 2-3 weeks ago. I took her to the vet and they said that 1) They might be something scratch her face - (it’s is possible cause she sometimes scratches her face with the cage when she wants to come out. But, it’s weird that I’ve never seen it’s...
  15. P

    Why did my duck change towards me

    Hi I'm new to this and I'm sorda a new duck mom she will be 1 in march.and a rooster mom he is hitting 5 months old question is my duck shady imprinted on me and she was always my baby .when she got old enough I let her stay outside and I got a baby rooster to protect her.she never had a...
  16. T

    Cooperstown Pa. 23 laying hens, 4 laying ducks and 2 roosters FREE to good home

    I need to go out of town for the winter. Looking for a good home for my birds. All the hens and ducks are laying. I have a heated water dish, hanging feeders and metal feed cans. Please call or text 814-431-4044
  17. Kabindramagar

    Day 28, No Internall Pipping!!!!

    Hello everyone Im currently incubating 4 Duck eggs. I was told that it is Pecking duck eggs and will hatch in about 28 days. So today is day 28, but there is no signs of pipping. I candled one of em and saw that they havent internally pipped yet either and are showing lots of movement inside...
  18. Quacking ducks

    Is this frostbite?

    Hi I was wondering if my duck might have frostbite. I’ve never dealt with this before. There are a few dark spots on her flippers. Does it look like frostbite? Thank you
  19. T

    Fox got duck, neck issue

    Last night a fox got my female buff duck. She can stand and limp but can’t lift her neck. I have to hold it up for her. She will drink if I put her bill in water but won’t eat. I’ve treated the puncture wounds from the bite but I don’t know what to do about her neck. Will she recover or should I...
  20. DuckDuckJuice

    Need Advisement on Joint Infection

    Our Pekin, Ducky, seems to have an infected joint in his right leg. His legs have been deformed since he was a duckling and he has always lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle. He’s always seemed happy and is easily our sweetest duck, so we just accepted that he’s a bit different and worked with...
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