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  • Fully Automated Chicken Tractor
    Does it snow where you are? if so, do you have condensation problems in the winter with only the one ventilation hole? Now that it's been 8 years...
  • Craftsman Tractor
    What are the measurements and where did you place the roosts? Are you doing the deep bedding method or changing the litter often?
  • The Cluck-O-Stoga Chicken Tractor
    The balance of the coop on the far end of the wheels, and the double axle with a big lever to lift the wheels, is absolutely brilliant. The curved...
  • Sadie Lane brooder/tractor
    Great write up, thank you! We are thinking of trying this design. Have you had any predator control issues with this?
  • The Portable Chicken Coop
    I'm not sure if it's a viewing glitch or the photos didn't load properly, as only the first one shows up for me. I'd really like to see the rest...

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Tractor Coops

Do you want a coop on wheels? Maybe you want to free-range chickens but also keep them safe from predators? A movable chicken tractor could be a perfect fit.
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