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  • Pasturedlayers97
    3.00 star(s)
    Nice build but needs more detail like plans and material list
    • muddy75
  • My Tractor
    2.00 star(s)
    Nice pictures but few build details
    • ronott1
  • Justcelias Chicken Coop Tractor
    2.00 star(s)
    Article lacked details in the build, dimensions and materials. Needs photos of the inside space.
    • Anonymous
  • Pvc Chicken Tractor
    4.00 star(s)
    Thanks for the detail photos, very helpful. I do have concerns about predator safety, but if you’re in a safe area and only use it during the day...
    • BantyChooks
  • Barn Tractor (Mobile Home)
    5.00 star(s)
    Excellent instructions/illustrations!
    • thebudman1971

Tractor Coops

Do you want a coop on wheels? Maybe you want to free-range chickens but also keep them safe from predators? A movable chicken tractor could be a perfect fit.
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