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  • Incubating Emu Eggs
    Thanks that gives me some hope. I thought it would probably be around 60 days if it hatches.
  • Incubating Emu Eggs
    95 is low, but I've seen people use that temperature before and have chicks hatch. It just takes a lot longer. So I would keep them in as long as...
  • Incubating Emu Eggs
    My incubators has been having a hard time holding the right temp. The middle to the top is around 97 or os, but the bottom is around 95. So im...
  • What you need to know before you get your parrot.
    Wish more people would read before buying birds. Excellent article!
  • Incubating Emu Eggs
    Initial weight was 535g Day one was 530g Day two was 528g I’ll incubate for the first week to see how it is doing. But we are having a lot of...

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