The pigeons & I

I love nature, I love gardening , I love birds and yes I love pigeons!

When I care for a baby animal all my motherly instincts flourish and I become a critter mom.

A couple of years ago I find a pigeon chick who falls from it's nest; tooked him home and hand feed him until he was old enough to care for himself. I even tooked him with me to my work in order to don't let him skip a meal. I was lucky enough to have some privacy and some compasionate supervisors who pretend they don't hear funny sounds coming from a box under my desk.
I named him Salam but my husband change his name to "Pajarito" wich is "little bird" in Spanish.
He was the first baby bird I cared for. Pajarito growed up to be a sweet and handsome male pigeon; in shades of gray with feathered legs and white tiped wings.

Giving Reiki to Pajarito when he was little and catch a cold.

My handsome Pajarito
He grow up in my laundry room, he was free to get outside as he wills but he never leave, so I end up and I finding him a beautiful white wife. After few days she lays 2 eggs that both parents hatched and started to raise. They take turns to warm them and feed them. It was a deligth to watch them.
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But one evening Mom didn't came back, and I found her dead next morning, seems like a dog hurt her... It was a very sad day. Pajarito looked sad for long time but keep feeding and caring for his 2 little sons until they grow up to be adults. One of them is white like his mom, the other one was light brown and white with the same feather pattern of his father.


Long after they were adults Pajarito bring a new wife home from a neigborhood flock. He convinced her that our laundry room have a perfect place to build their home. When I found out they have 2 eggs on a top shelf of the closet and we decided to leave them undisturbed. But one day she got scared and leaft the nest. He tries to bring her back but can't convince her and the eggs got cold... I felt very guilty because It was me who accidentaly drop something that make a noise that scare her.
After that Pajarito and his two adult sons stoped sleeping in their perch on our laundry room and joined a neigborhood flock. But came home almost everyday to eat. Eventually the Browny stopped coming, and later Pajarito... I guess both die...

Pajarito & his son Browny
Until now I miss them, specially Pajarito who loves to land on my head and let me pet him. Whitey keep coming everyday to my deligth.

Time pass and after the hurracaine Maria, a guy from my work whose house lost the ceiling, was reparing his home when he finds a couple of pigeon chicks. He ask me if I can raised them and I agree.
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Imanol & Amoroso with Matilda
I hand feed them until they were big enough to set them free in my backyard. They were both males and I named them Imanol (after a Spanish actor) and Amoroso (one who gives love) they have very different personalities, Imanol is independent and stopped letting me pet him quite soon.
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Amoroso which means Loving, was all love. He loved everyone, he wasn't scared of people, he let almost everyone pet him. He loved me and loved my husband. He was always trying to be near us. always singing and dancing. Never sleept outside.
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Amoroso & Guailí
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Amoroso on my knee
He loved to be around people and everytime I went outside he flew and land on my head or shoulders, or any body part. He stays on top of me while I do gardening, feed the fishes or the chickens, collect the eggs or worked on my mosaics. He doesn't care if the cats were near, he felt complete trust that he was loved and safe as long as we were there. Even when I go back inside the house he still wanted to get inside with me, and sometimes did. He stalked us when we were at home. Always by one of the windows or screendoors were he can see us. It was a torture to my kitten Malaki who dreamed of catching him.
When we weren't at home, he keep company to my rabit Monty whose cage is in the laundry room and the ducklings during the period they still live there before we made them their housing.
In the morning he followed me to my car and landed on it's top until I move it, and in the evenings almost every day waited for me in the electric cables in front of the house, if I get home erlier and he was in the backyard he recognized the sound of my car and flew to the front yard landing on my car before I even parked and turned it off.
He brough so much joy and love into our my lives, and we adore him.
One day Amoroso disapear... I was devastated I knew something bad happened to him... I wanted to believe he just join the neigbourhood flock, maybe fall in love and start his own family, but I felt an emptiness that tells me something bad happened to my Amoroso ... more than a month passed and I found his remains... And I cried an ocean when I found him and burried him, and I cry as I write this... He was the most sweet bird and I will always miss him.
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A Memorial for Amoroso


Today I'm babysitting an aliblanca ( this kind of bird have some distinctive white feathers in the wings and tail. Aliblanca means white wing. It's a wild pigeon my cousin rescue yesterday, I just feed her and now is sleeping a little nap.
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I'm a dreamer. an idealist, an artist (illustrations, mosaics, watercolors ect.), a healer (reiki , reflexology, aromatherapy), a backyard gardener, an urban chicken keeper, who also have 2 ducks and who host a broad variety of wild birds. I have 2 cats: Guailí (16 y/o) & Malaki (2 y/o); and some fishies.

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So sweet to read your experiences with the pigeons! I was so sorry to read of the losses. Sounds like you have lots of love to give though, and there are always birds in need of a loving home! Beautiful memorial marker you made!
Thanks so much for your words ♡
A great deal of love shines through the text ... and the pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!
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Thanks so much ♡♡♡


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