Tiny coop for My aunt kiris

By judyki2004 · Nov 3, 2017 ·
  1. judyki2004
    20170723_165759.jpg 20170723_165704.jpg 20170723_173126.jpg 20170704_161443.jpg 20170704_161408.jpg 20170704_161047.jpg
    Here are some photos of the tiny coop i built for my aunt's tiny "kikikirikis" rooster and hen. Its size os 2'x2' floor it has a roosting space over the nest . Both the top of the nest and the nest itself later were lined with hay . The space is quite confortable for the lovely couple of pet chicken. Those pics where taken before we built the outside pen. So we just attached the cage to de coop door temporaly. Materials used : 1 and a half wood panels ( 1/2" × 4'×8', 4 wood pieces 2"×2"×8' , 4 furniture "legs" from homedepot, a piece of repurpose chackboard and asphaltic roofing material, screws, nails, staples, paint and 6 linoleum tiles. Cost around US$80 in materials and took me about 40 to 50 hours of work as I don't have many tools.
    I draw some plans in PowerPoint but Im creating this article in the cellphone's BYC app and i am not sure how it works. 20170723_165657.jpg 20170723_173126.jpg

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  1. Anonymous
    "Tiny Coop/Run"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Feb 5, 2019
    This looks too small even for just 2 chickens (especially the run).
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    1. judyki2004
      It was too small, after a couple of days it was upgraded as we moved the tiny coop for a backyard fenced area 6 feet by 6 feet


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