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On may 29,2019 my friend called me to offer me to adopt a duckling from someone. I been playing with the idea of adding ducklings to my backyard tiny "farm" as my husband calls it. But always reason wins over the heart and I desisted; but that day I said; "ok, bring it over!"

She showed up an hour later with a small box with it's precious cargo. To our surprise the guy do not put in the box a duckling, but two cute ducklings: a tiny one an a "giant" one. The smaller one acted as if the bigger one was it's mom. They both were afraid of me and don't let me pet them, and that was kind of frustrating to me, because i have raised chickens and they let you pet them after a couple of days. It took me almost 6 months until finally they let me touch them a couple of days ago even eat from my hand!
Until now i don't know their genders.

So I improvised a small cage for them to grow up, while I was designing their permanent housing: "Quack Bed & Breakfast" a 3'Wx 10'L x 3.5'H living space. A coop 4'x3'x3.5' with an attached run with a 2'x3'x 8" tub. Build over an existing concrete box in the backyard.

I design it, my husband help with some great ideas and cut all the pieces and i paint them and put it together . We start it on june 26 and on july 4 the ducklings were moved to their new home. So far they look very happy!

Most of the coop material are reclaimed:
floor- 3'x4' its a plastic palllet
front wall - 4'x 3.5' x 1/2" wood panel with decorative trimmings
front, back and side walls are from a top (3/4"panel) part of two wooden pallets
a piece of 1/4" wood panel
clear plastic corrugated ceiling material
what i bough:
Home depot 's concrete mixing tray 3'x2', 10"deep (1)
Pvc Drainage with key (1)
pvc tube 2.5"x 10 for drainage (1)
1/2" pvc tubes 10' (3) to frame the cage and make the door.
1x1x 3' metalic cage wire (18')
plastic straps
nails and screws
2"x2"x8' wood (3)
3"x 1"x 12 'wood (3)



January 15,2020
The first egg from my ducklings

So I provided them a simple nest, just a rectangle made or 1x3" and 1x3" wood and she use it.

February 1
Grace & Franky got their wings clipped and got to free range the backyard



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I'm a dreamer. an idealist, an artist (illustrations, mosaics, watercolors ect.), a healer (reiki , reflexology, aromatherapy), a backyard gardener, an urban chicken keeper, who also have 2 ducks and who host a broad variety of wild birds. I have 2 cats: Guailí (16 y/o) & Malaki (2 y/o); and some fishies.

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It is nice to see re-purposed materials
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This is a really cute, nicely done set-up. They'll likely need a bigger run as they grow, or else a lot of free-range time, but the idea is sound and it looks really nice! I especially like the fact that you can share the space with them to watch your own "Duckie TV!"
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Thank you! I'm a little scare of let them free range because once they flew over the fence ane of them was in the parking lot and the other one to a near by empty lot. I was scare something bad happens to them! But Yes it's a little backyard with a little Duck Coop and a little chicken coop and we can enjoy duck tv & chicken tv from our little gazebo!
Really love the fact you were able to build this out of repurposed materials! The colors you picked for their house look great. My only concern is the amount of space, I feel like they will need more room to move around as they grow.
Thanks for sharing your build!
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Yes space is something that really concerns me... I will try to compensate by giving them some time to free range

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