Do ducks like boats?

Great idea! Good job putting it in - the ducks look like they love it!
Nice description and pictures to show how you the author repurposed and old boat for a duck pool!
Extremely inspiring to say the least.
Elbow Grease still exists in modern society.
I hope others will be inspired enough to create such a creative habitat for their water fowl.
Thank you for documenting the almost step by step pain staking project.
Thanks!! And welcome back. ;)
Such a neat idea. I love it! And so it seems, the ducks! :)
great pictures of not only the boat pond, but also the overall set up. I loved the little duck house too!
Thanks for some good ideas about how to change up the drainage situation we are currently dealing with! Great pics.
This is awesome, lucky ducks !
Love this article!!! This is the coolest thing ive ever seen!
AND! Love the reuse recycle concept. There is truly no such thing as "trash"
Good on you :ya:wee
Thanks. I’m always looking at the neighbors garbage on trash days to see what I can salvage for my birds. :D
could have used a bit more detail on how you did the drain bucket? thingy.
Sorry! We cut holes on opposite sides of the bucket and installed the valve inside the bucket, so that it didn’t get buried and I can get to the handle to release the water.
I’ll get a couple current pics and add to the article. Thank you!
I can't believe I never reviewed this article with as many times as I've looked at it. Congrats on the feature!
I always enjoy seeing new duck in boat pictures :)
Wow! I’m speechless!
This is awesome, what a great idea!
LOVE it!
This must be one of the most creative uses I've seen for an old boat! I love it!
I've been wanting to do this! Even with an old canoe! Still trying to convince my dad and brother that we should do this...:barnie
Clever repurposing of an old boat. The duck pen is spectacular, wish I had access to equipment like that!
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