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Do ducks like boats?

  1. WVduckchick
    So, this story starts with my neighbors wanting to get rid of an old dilapidated boat. She just wanted it out of their yard. It had a good motor and trailer (which my dear darling hubby was happy to take off their hands) and the boat floated the last time they checked, but that was about the extent of the usability of the boat itself.... Until my hubby jokingly said "we can bury it and let the ducks swim in it!" This comment quickly evolved into a how-to discussion and the wheels started turning.

    If it floats, then it should hold water, right? If we bury it down to the rim, the ducks could hop right in. But how do we drain to clean it? Boats already have drain holes, so he decided to cut the main drain larger and insert a valve, and add some drainage pipe. Then, knowing how messy ducks can be with making mud and holes, etc, we decided to add river gravel all the way around, to save from so much dirt getting inside the boat.

    Well heck, I could go on and on about it, but pictures tell the story better than I can, so here are a few progress pics and the end result. It took my dozen Call ducks a couple days to actually get in, but now they absolutely love it!

    WP_20170429_14_44_24_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_16_26_16_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_16_29_08_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_18_21_50_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_19_25_14_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_19_26_45_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170429_19_37_44_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170430_12_22_44_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170509_12_16_44_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170509_18_51_51_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170510_16_45_50_Pro_LI.jpg WP_20170508_17_00_04_Pro_LI.jpg

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  1. sourland
    night lights are needed.
      WVduckchick likes this.
    1. WVduckchick
      I have a couple of solar stick lights, and a motion sensor light in the area. But wouldn't it be cool if the boat lights lit up?
  2. Dharmachick
    Wow! I love this!
      WVduckchick likes this.
  3. scottcaddy
    Nice setup your ducks have!!:love
    I see the running lights are still installed, are they wired up for nightlights yet?
    Thanks for sharing this!:hugs
      biophiliac and casportpony like this.
    1. WVduckchick
      Thanks Scott! :hugs actually thought about making the lights work, never know what we might do!
      scottcaddy likes this.
  4. biophiliac
    Love seeing your place!
      casportpony and WVduckchick like this.
  5. Hybridchucks
      casportpony and WVduckchick like this.
  6. casportpony
    What a great idea, and I love your predator proofing!
      scottcaddy and WVduckchick like this.
    1. WVduckchick
      We have a few hawks, so the netting was a must. Plus i won't have to clip the Calls wings. I had a serama fly into the net the other day. It works! Lol
  7. Nifty-Chicken
    WOW! @WVduckchick this is AMAZING!!!

    Thanks so much for posting this. What a fun and fantastic idea!
      casportpony and WVduckchick like this.
    1. WVduckchick
  8. lomine
    I love it. So funny to see a boat full of water and ducks.
  9. Ravynscroft
    Great idea and it looks awesome!!
    The 5 gallon bucket for the drain valve is just genius!! :thumbsup
  10. CTKen
    Great job of up-cycling, WV :thumbsup

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