Buff Orpingtons Chicken Breed Information Pictures

Entertaining and informative. Thanks!
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Loved all the pictures!! informative and fun at the same time
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I love how you document the whole entire experience!
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Interesting! Pretty girls. ❤❤ We have one too! Ours tells me secrets.


I've never known much about this breed until now, fun article to read.
I have a lavender Orpington. I loved your article


You said it friend! Through your pictures of your girls, I have got to rewatch my girls grow to the age they are now (a month), to what they will become. If I could I would post some of the Cluck Family.
They have already decided I am the voice they get excited to hear. They like to perch and they are spaghetti eaters, sometimes they come up and want a neck scratching. I expect many hours of enjoyable hours watching this group. I love my Buff Orpingtons!

Keep the adventure going!
I really like this! It's cute, engaging, informative, articulate and above all, well written! Thank you! I wish I could get it in hard copy, hard bound; it would make a nice coffee-table picture book and also a good addition to a children's library. Really nice photos, congratulations on a very nice article!

I have 5 BOs myself, by the way, in my flock of mostly EEs, but if I didn't, your article would definitely incline me toward wanting some. Your love for the breed shines like your girls' golden feathers in the sunshine! ;)
Great article. I love my fluffy Buffy.
Wonderful article!! I have 3 buffs and I just love them, I also have 3 red sex-linked. All my girls get along just fine. Although Louise, my lead hen and 1 of my buffs, can get pecky at times!!
Wow! Your girls are beautiful! If I didn't already have 3, I'd want them after reading this!! Super informative on where they came from. Mine also don't care for being picked up but they sure are cute! Wonderful pictures!!!
Buff Orpingtons are so pretty. I purchased mine, not just for their beauty but because they said they have a very good flavor. I bought them to eat and they look like they taste good. Thanks for your article and pictures.
I rate this 5 star, and for a good reason!
I love my 3 Buff's! Great article and loved the pictures!DSCN1799.jpg
I got one Buff Orpington, now 5 weeks old. I hope she does as well as your girls. Great insight on the fun you can have with these chickens.
Thanks for all the great tips about your Buffs. I need to get 2 more chickens and am trying to decide which ones. I prefer the sweet personalities that you describe of your Buffs. My New Hampshires are fairly friendly, but will run to me if they think they are getting mealworms.
great article I have 2 buffs but one is brooding. How did you break her?
Loved your article. Made me think about getting a couple of Buff's;but will have to be in the fall. Beautiful babies!
Love the story and all of the great pics!
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