How to treat sour crop and impacted crop and how to know which one you're dealing with

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  1. BigBlueHen53
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    Great article, @azygous, thanks! I have bookmarked it/saved to my favorites so I can access it again quickly if/when I ever need it. Thanks so much to you and the other BYC experts who are so willing to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with newbies, rank beginners, and folks like me, who have had chickens for years but have been bumbling our way around in a fog of ignorance because we just didn't know what we didn't know! Our chickens thank you!
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  2. Mariakoltsa
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    great and very helpful article.
    That yeast treatment you suggested, they have an oral gel for it aswell, is that okay too ?
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  3. Purple_grape84
    "Good description of the different crop issues"
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    A good description and treatment options for the two main crop issues sour crop and impacted crop. Also has good treatment options and a follow up with pendulous crop treatment if your hen repeatedly has these issues.
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  4. Robin K.
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    Good article
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  5. Stardustrose
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    Thank you for sharing this. I read some people make the chicken vomit, so glad I found this article.
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  6. aprilbos
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  7. Feathers Brady
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    I've read articles for weeks and nothing simplified this crop issue I'm having with my hen until now!! Thank you!
    Shes quarentined until tommorow and I'll know soon if she needs a bra or just yeast treatment.
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  8. tjo804
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    i have not had problems like this thank God.
    But by reading your article I feel like I could help if one of my chickens needed me.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I feel like I should read up on the digestive process now :clap
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  9. PollyGirl21
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  10. Anonymous
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    Thank you for writing this! It’s very informative and full of advice. Easy to understand and explains exactly what to do. I’m printing it out for my chicken medicine book for emergency’s.
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