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Thanks all! I was speechless this morning when notified. I hope I can live up to the honor and high standards this award represents. Apr 7, 2018

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    1. nhbradley
      What you do help so many people
    2. annabelle08
      Thank you for answering my question about the watery egg whites. I use pine shavings for the coop and deep bedding method. but I usually clean it every 3-4 months, I will clean it again now and see if that makes a difference. Thanks.
    3. casportpony
      Merry Christmas!
    4. Wickedchicken6
      Happy Thanksgiving!!
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    5. Shadrach
      I was wondering what happened with Ethel?
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      2. azygous
        Ethel's poop has slowly improved after I took the step of preventing her being bullied away from the feeders. In fact, after just two days of protective treatment, she regained her self confidence and began asserting herself at the food dishes. This morning when cleaning the poop boards, I couldn't tell which night deposit was hers. Thanks for asking!
        Nov 13, 2018
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    6. iluvsedward
      Hi, do you know if Elector PSP can be ingested by ducks if used in their bathing water? Will it hurt them if they drink some of it?
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      2. azygous
        Here is the poison control fact sheet on spinosad in the environment. It states that spinosad is mildly toxic to non-toxic to birds. But I wouldn't expose ducks to it if at all possible. If the duck's recreational water is treated with spinosad, sunlight neutralizes it in one day.
        Sep 6, 2018
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    7. snow5164
      I have a year old Columbia rock cross red flock. Just noticed tonight my girls have open and scabbed over wounds under the wings. I knew they’d lost feathers. Gandolf is so nice, but he has 5 favourites that he’s over mating. Could he become more gentle ? Can this work for us? We aren’t hatching eggs, but we love him
      14 hens
      1 rooster
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      2. azygous
        By age one, Gandolf probably is what he is. I don't understand sores under the hens' wings, though. Usually mating damage is to the wing shoulders. You can minimize the mating damage by giving Gandalf limited access to the girls. My two roosters generally patrol the exterior of the run, getting a couple hours of access to the hens when I let them out to free range.
        Jul 19, 2018
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    8. aprilbos
      if like to give black electrolyte. but she shouldn't have sugar, I have mollasses, agave, among lemon juice to pick from. thank you for your advice. she's still eating And drinking almost to settled her stomach or to get the junk out of her. she hasn't s!let much :(
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    9. weejo
      Hi azygous: In your article about the care of bullied chickens the first picture includes a hanging feeder. There is something attached to the feeder...a catchbasin perhaps? What is it? Did you buy or make it? Thanks. Weejo
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    10. stefanomarcelli
      Hi Azygous. Could I use some pictures of your hen's spurs at the following page link to possibly put them into a book about morphogenesis that I'm writing? If yes how do you prefer to be quoted? (example: "© Courtesy of [personal or farm name or nickname]. Thank you in advance. Stefano Marcelli (I'm a MD and a researcher) in Italy.
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