How much room do chickens need

My girls and I are in the process of building coops to raise 3 specific breeds of birds and we were all a little disappointed that we probably could only have about 6-7 birds. After reading this article, I believe the coops we are building will probably be able to accommodate 9-10 birds very comfortably. Thank you for this invaluable information.
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good intro to the space requirements for chickens, and understanding that every case is different.
Great help, now my husband needs to work on a coop extension, complete with a higher roosting bar so the pecking order can be maintained...
This is a well thought out article. Thank you for taking the time to write and share it with us!
I love how this takes into consideration everyone has different needs. Right now I’m getting teased by my neighbor for over providing space for my chickens but come fall when my chick order comes and is ready to join the flock it will be just right with a little wiggle room. Meanwhile he had to give some of his away due to crowding issues. His loss was my gain because of all the “wasted” space I had I was able to accommodate the birds he needed to rehome ASAP. He teases me but we keep chickens for different reasons, where he is only concerned with production I keep mine for pets and eggs. I spoil mine where he is more bare bones. At the at the end of the day each of us will do what is best for our individual flock’s needs as well as well as what experience has taught us works.
this provided me with insight and direction as I figure out how much run I need for my coop. Great job!
Very informative article, and it answered some questions I had. Thank you for posting it! :thumbsup
Your article was immensely helpful in filling in the nuances of what it means to balance the space needs of a flock and people needs and how greatly the space needs can vary depending on circumstances. Much food for thought as I plan my first coop and run, especially the tip about thinking down the road and aiming to give oneself flexibility. I currently plan to only have 4 hens (my first flock), but I can totally see how I could decide to add new hens once I've got the hang of it and fall in love with my girls. :)
I started with a coop that was the perfect size for my 6 new chicks 4 years ago. 4x8 with 6 external nesting boxes and a huge run (a small orchard). As my flock has grown I have had to add additional coops and have even divided the run for when I need to segregate chickens. But now, I want one huge coop like the one you have built!!! Great advice here.
Thanks for the in-depth coverage of this topic. It is very helpful as I plan my coop and the number of chickens that will eventually occupy it... their health and well-being is my highest priority.
Yes thank you for this informative article. I've held to the "magic numbers" once I learned more about raising chickens. I never considered the calculations you propose for larger flocks. It makes so much sense provided someone doesn't stop there and not consider the rest of your explanation of providing room to fly to and from the roost. Again, thank you.
Great article! I have to agree with most of what you wrote. I see the tiny coops they sell at tractor supply and shake my head. I love having lots of room for my girls. It make life much easier. I find that, at first, I added, removed and just moved things around in there based on how they behaved but now they seem pretty happy with the setup. You mentioned that yours like to fly down from their roosts, where all of mine prefer a ramp. I had put it in when one injured her leg and couldn't jump down and found that all of them used it, so left it in.

All in all, I think everyone should read this when they are starting out. :goodpost:
Well-written, with great advice regarding lots of considerations!
Wow this is all so helpful to a newbie
Super informational and loads to learn from! Everyone should read this and you will learn something new!
Fabulous read and very insightful.
We have a board under where they roost. We just added that this summer. We got ducks and they will sleep under them. (we are building separate coup for ducks) I wish we put the board under where they sleep 4 years ago. I just scrape it off.
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