Chicken Behavior The Ignorant Gal's Guide To Things No Sane Person Would Tell You About Chickens

Everyone needs to be able to laugh at themselves, and we can all see ourselves in this article...
Very amusing! You have lovely writing style.
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This is one of the articles I came across early on - and I loved it and I laughed and read bits to family members. I just dug it up again today, to share it with someone on the newcomer's forum. And once again found myself reading bits to my teenager, and encouraging her to make oatmeal for our chicks soon.
You article was very funny and informative. Hopefully no one has given you too much of a hard time. Especially since raising animals can be trial and error.
Love this article! Describes life as a backyard ‘chicken tender’ to a ‘T’
This should be in the learning center.
I’ve read quite a few articles here now and although some are informative and well written, overall most seem a bit dry and humorless to me.
Maybe it’s a cultural thing but being able to write and make people laugh is a gift and this article did make me laugh.
So much of what is written about mirrors many of the mini trauma’s I went through as I discovered the chickens weren’t the cuddly little sweeties that one might come to believe reading posts on BYC.
I read this article from time to time, usually after I’ve read some post or other that just makes me want to bang my head on the wall in disbelief and frustration.
One of the things I like about chickens is they make me laugh at their antics and laugh at myself for thinking I know better than they do.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Madwomn on the forums which is a great pity given her humour and common sense approach.
If you read this Madwomn, write another article.
A lovely article. Thank you for showing me that someone else is as mad as I am!
Well written and humorous
Quite an interesting read & funny too.
Love this article! It's spot on with describing what most ever poultry keeper will experience and describes it all with a wacky sense of humor. A "must read" for sure!
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