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BYC Premium Feather Membership Upgrade - PFM

  1. BYC Support
    Membership on BYC is completely FREE! You can post questions, upload pictures, subscribe to threads, write articles, etc. for free! Over the years we've received requests from our chicken forum members that would like do have the ability to turn off advertising, get a special badge, or just simply support the BYC community.

    Here is a comparison of the membership types and benefits:

    Free Member:
    • All the benefits of a Non-Member
    • Fewer Ads
    • Post New Topics
    • Post Replies To Topics
    • Create Polls
    • Subscribe To Topics
    • Follow / Subscribe to members
    • Unlimited Private Messages
    • Unlimited Image Uploads
    • Basic signature permissions
    • Create Pages & Articles On BYC
    • Give "Thumbs Up" to posts
    • Rate & Review Products & Breeds
    • Join BYC Here
    Premium Feather Member (PFM):
    • All the benefits of a Free Member
    • All advertising removed automatically
    • Change your own title
    • Change username one a year
    • Delete your own posts for 30 days
    • Edit your posts for 6 months
    • Edit your thread titles for 6 months
    • Lock and unlock your threads for 6 months
    • Have a conversation with up to 20 members at a time
    • Edit your conversations for 6 months
    • Enhanced signature permissions (links and more lines of text)
    • 10% Discount in the BYC Store
    • Upgrade to PFM Here

    If you wish to gift another member, simply purchase the membership you want to gift through the BYC Store and note in the comments section the username of the giftee.

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  1. chicken4prez
    Agree, @Corona~Barb .
  2. CuzChickens
    Well...I was gonna buy the Platinum membership, but I do not meet any of the qualifications....I guess it is the GF
  3. Corona~Barb
    This membership costs to help support the BYC site. It is very expensive to maintain a site like this online. If you want the extra perks, pay for it.
  4. Cluckcluck1215
    I want a GFM but I have to pay .they should make it free
  5. Lisa Wood
    What does the statuses mean? Like "just hatched" up to "flockmaster)
  6. Lisa Wood
    How do we unsubscribe to subscription we lost interest in?
  7. Lisa Wood
    I am confused. Do we pay for memberships?
  8. cree57i
    What is BST?
  9. Frindizzle
    @Corona~Barb I was not notified when my GFM Expired.
  10. doitright
    I am sorry-I thought everything was at no cost. I definitely want to get a 6 month GFM membership, so how do I go about it? I had no idea and I also thought I was on the buy, sell, trade forum.....so how do I get there and can I buy now if I pay you? Please show me what to do at [email protected] and I will follow the best I can. I have been pretty sick and these chickens make me happy but I do not mean to cross any rules-I just can't understand some of them or how to do it. Sorry. Let me pay somewhere-just tell me where.
    thank you and I'm trying "to do it right"
    Margaret Downie-Shultz

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