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Jan 11, 2007
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    1. KettermanHillCoop
      Hello...could you possibly correct my birth month? It should be Nov, not Oct. Thanks a bunch! :)
      1. BYC Support
        BYC Support
        Nov 14, 2017 at 11:10 AM
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    2. medicgal82
      I can’t seem to delete a thread I posted! Can you help me?
    3. Debra Dailey
      Debra Dailey
      Love my chickens
    4. Ellies Egg Basket
      Ellies Egg Basket
      I joined today and put my full name on account thinking a screen name option would be asked for later on another form and I never found it. Can you please change it to Ellies Egg Basket I appreciate your help! Thank you.
      1. BYC Support
        BYC Support
        Oct 21, 2017
    5. Barbara Crane
      Barbara Crane
      I haven't started my brood yet but have questions regarding foods I can give my girls? My neighbor has 8 chickens and is not taking very good care of them. I don't have "chicken food" so I've been giving them some bread, apples, fresh water, etc. My question is can you feed chickens caned veggies like green beans, corn, or red beans. Not regularly but In a pinch?
      1. Phinneus
        You can feed them any fresh food they will eat, which is most.
        Oct 27, 2017
    6. Mamma se hoenders
      Mamma se hoenders
      Hi :-)
      I have found this site so useful and fascinating!
      Could you direct me to an article on eggs? My babies just started laying 2 days ago, I already got 5 eggs, now I have no clue what to do... how long before I take them away? I dont have a rooster, so will the eggs be edible? How long do I keep them before they go off...
      thank you!!!!
      1. Phinneus
        No rooster, no hatching of course. Collect the eggs as soon as you can. If you leave them your hens might become " broody". Sitting on the eggs to hatch while laying no more eggs. Bring them in, clean the shell if need be, store them in the fridge, and enjoy the freshest, best eggs you have ever had.
        Oct 7, 2017
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    7. MelbaQ
      Hi I am a member but cannot figure out how to start a post- my chickens are not laying and I have questions. thanks Hilary
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      2. Phinneus
        If none of your birds are laying, this is at least consistent. They may be too young to lay, or past their prime and are 'laid out'.
        Often folks will give older hens away
        If you got the birds as day olds, you know their age. They usually start laying at about 5 months of age. Proper layer feed will help get them started. I am assuming your birds are all female, not a straight run.
        Oct 27, 2017
    8. Nardo
      My coop was logging in close to 10,000 views but when it should have clicked over from 9,999 to 10,000 it only says 1K. Only reason I'm writing is because I sent a buddy to look at my coop (I was bragging) and now he thinks I'm a dummy.
    9. DarkAnise
      I will be a new chicken owner in a few weeks so I'm checking out a bunch of topics. However, when I click on a thread link I get sent back to the forum main page. I thought, may be they were old threads but I can't even bring up a thread that was posted in 15 minutes ago. Is this a webpage problem or perhaps something on my end? Thank you for any help.
      1. DarkAnise
        And of course, as soon as I say something, it's back to normal. lol
        Aug 15, 2017
    10. My Fav Chickens
      My Fav Chickens
      Hi, I've had this account for four years now, have not been on it once in since 2013 and would really like to delete this account. Some users had said only administrators can delete your account. Is it possible for you to please? I would really appreciate it.
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