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Jan 11, 2007
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    1. wopwopdebra
      I am so happy to see my little buff all better and eating. It was so hard to watch her not eat and lay around, but after 2 days of giving her olive oil and sugar water drips she did a very wet poop and was running around eating and drinking to make up lost days.
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    2. TashaFrancois
      I have an idea for you to consider. :) In the same way that you have topic to add a thread to, is there a way for you to create new categories based on repeated thread topics? There are many there many with similar names posted over many years. Is there a way for users to suggest similar threads to the same topic area? Just a thought. :) Love BYC!
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    3. CoffeeMaster2000
    4. Charlenesmom
      Is there a way to search members who live in the same geographic area as I do?
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      2. Cyprus
        You can go to the search feature, select 'search profile posts' or 'search tags' and enter the desired keywords and you may be able to locate members in those areas
        Feb 4, 2019
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    5. TwoCrows
      Merry Christmas! :-)
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    6. Andymeaker
      Hi joined today after watching your site for quite a while,I have moved this year ,bought a property in Cornwall,England,always had chickens and ducks since I was a small child as grew up on A farm,tried turkey eggs
      One hatched fine the other one had to be helped after 36 any advice wanted won’t walk
      Many thanks
    7. wilsonbon
      First of all I'm not sure how to post a question on the forum. Maybe this is how. Second, I have a three day old chick and he is not fairing well. one foot turns in ( I googled that and put a bandaide on it to hopefully fix it) and now his eyes are either not open or hazed over. They look gray. I keep nudging him to the feeder and dipping his beak in water. What else can I do?
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    8. Warayjames
      Love my babies, hoping my 2 silkies are hens
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    9. Ducksgallour
      Hell I am new to this and I was wondering on how I post questions because I am really confused
      1. wilsonbon
        Me too. We bought a homemade coup that came with a rooster and 7 hens. I have a friend that hatched me some babies and Im having problems with one of them.
        Sep 29, 2018
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    10. KimberlyL3
      Always looking answers to new problems on my chickens
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