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BYC Support
Jan 11, 2007
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BYC Support


Staff Member
    1. ChloeDuval
      I'd like to change my username. How can i do this?
    2. jtrietsch
      I am trying to post a ad for a fodder system I am going to sell, It keeps telling me I am not allowed to. What gives I have been a member since 2013, I used to participate in all sorts of discussions. I just read post now.
    3. beccaWA
      I notice some members have their location under their avatar. How do I get mine to do this? I tried in the profile and added my location, but it's not posting.
    4. golly molly
      golly molly
      I have used this site over the years but it has changed . I am having anawful time with my8 month old cochins. One or more seems to be cannibalistic and I cant find out which one. Found one dead this evening. Am desperate. Could you set me up In the right forum.. golly molly
    5. wolf-hen300
      Hello for some reason I cant post anything. I have no infractions or warnings.
    6. gallusdomesticus
      do you give out 7 year membership awards?
    7. Huggerlady
      Can someone tell me how to see my current password? I want to change it but you have to know it to change it. Thank you!
    8. locknest4
      Hi, wondering if someone can help -just the last day or so when I go to HOME a lot of the most recent posts come up in Japanese/Chinese writing. Any suggestions as to Why this is happening?
    9. geepers6
      The comb on one of my buff orpingtons gets dis colored, then it turns red again. I thought it was due to the heatwave we were going through but it's dis colored again and the heat isn't a problem. She also dust baths a lot.
    10. Smorz
      Why can't I post? I'm logged in...
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