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8+ Yellow Leg Hatch

I got these from an old man, here in Oregon, who had been working on this line for over 20 years.  I do not show but, he said several people have shown his birds and done well.

If I could only have one breed of chicken, it would be these.  They are super hardy, fend-for-yourself type birds.  They lay well, and are "crazy broody" not to mention beautiful and full of life. 



Yellow Leg Hatch Hens in comunity pin





8+ Easter Eggers

These are my best layers, and they all lay big beautiful blue/green eggs.  A must have for your colored egg basket.  They are incredibly friendly. I love their big puffy beards. Their variety in color makes them super fun to hatch, you never know what your going to get.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to start a layer flock.








6+ Old English Game Bantam

These are the sweetest little birds.  They are so tame my two year old can walk over and pick them up.  They make great front lawn birds.  I let mine free range in the yard, because they do not hurt the landscaping.  They are great mothers, both my hens are brooding chicks right now.




Old English Game Bantam Hens







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