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Chick Nursery

The Chick nursery

The nursery was new in 2007 and was built to raise chicks and also to house a broody hen when hatching.  It has served us well brooding many many chicks.  It measueres 3ft deep X 5 ft long and 2 ft high and is mounted on the wall in our barn at the right hight for easy cleaning and feeding.


  • Scrap Lumber 2X4's, 2X2's, Plywood
  • Scrap piece of 2X4 welded wire
  • 2 Ft Chicken Wire (This was left overs from a former garden fence, before I realized chickens will jump over 2 ft fence)
  • Haredwire Cloth
  • Vinyl Floor Scrap piece
  • Cardboard box


  • Made the Bottom 3 Ft. X5 ft. out of the Scrap 2X4's.  Added a piece of 2X4 in the center for stability.  Covered it with Hardwire cloth
  • Made the top same as Bottom excpet covered with some 2X4 welded fencing
  • Screwed 2 ft. pieces of 2X4 at each corner and center to form box.  Covered the outside with 2Ft Chicken wire.
  • Covered the back with scrap piece of plywood to help contain wood shavings.
  • Use piece of vinyl flooring on floor which is easily removed and cleaned.
  • Door was made out of 2X2 and again covered in chicken wire.
  • Mounted on the wall at waist heightf or easy cleaning
  • Cut pieces of cardboard to go around sides and door to contain wood shavings.  Easily replaced when needed.
  • ADDED AFTER PICTURES WERE TAKEN - Added a roost (old 2X2) in the center between both the front and back support.

The Barn  Nursery

Nursery Inside  Nursery In Use

Helpful Hints to you - If you are thinking about building a chicken house, read through BYC I got a lot of ideas and gotchas to avoid by reading BYC.  Don't be ashamed to go Dumpster diving.  You can get a lot for free.



Comments (11)

very nice setup
How did this brooder work out with the drop front door? Do you have any chicks jump out?
Love the brooder!! Nicely done!!
I love this brooder!
Great brooder. Nicely built!!!!
I really like this brooder, it's up off the ground where they see you as a person talking and caring for them, that helps settle down.
This has to be ne of my favourite brooders :) Nice job.
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