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Chicken Nipples Anyone

Sorry about the title of this page... I couldn't help myself!  I did a search for chicken nipples online and came up with some pretty crazy things!!!!!  Beware if you try to search for these!

Anyway, here is my new waterer for the chickens...

I ordered some chicken water nipples from Kullas here on BYC to make some self contained waterers.  After I got them, I went to Fry's (grocery store) and picked up a 4 gallon bucket for free from the bakery (frosting bucket, yummy!).  Then I bought one 3/4" pvc pipe at home depot ($1) along with an elbow, a male and female connector and a cap ($1.71) of the same size as the pipe.  Here is what I made...

I used a 1" drill bit to cut a hole in the bucket as close to the bottom as I could, but leaving about 1/2" gap for the connector pieces.


I fed the male connector through the hole and connected it to the female connector (they were threaded, so I just screwed them together.  I sealed the inside with silicone so that it would not leak.  Then I connected a short piece of pipe to the female connector.  The elbow went on the end of that. 


Then I took my main piece of pvc pipe (cut to my desired length) and used a torch to heat up one of the nipples so that I could melt a hole in the pipe to the perfect size I needed.  I made 5 holes for 5 nipples.  Then I put the nipples together and threaded them through the pipe. 


I then connected the pipe to the elbow and put the cap on the end.  I was very careful not to tip the pipe so the weights in the nipples didn't fall out.


And there you go! 

Chicken Waterer1




5 Nipples................$4.17

Grand Total......$6.88

In the summer you can just drop a frozen 2 liter bottle in the bucket to keep their water cool. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions... 

Thanks for visiting my page!!!

Comments (48)

I like this idea. Where do you buy the nipples?
Thanks, I did order. My Chickens are very happy. Hope they start laying soon.
I went to check them out and thougth the $13.00 shipping was insane!! I found another website,
They will ship for $5. So for the price of 3 from FarmTec, I get 6 from Homesteaders Supply. Just thought I'd share...
Check out ebay and search for poultry nipples. You can get 5 for $3.80 or 10 for $6.20 with free shipping.
anyone have any issues using the exposed pipe/nipples freezing in the winter?
I did not have an issue with the freezing. My bucket is hanging and the lid comes off so I can clean it easily. Very simple creation and my birds love it. I also put a frozen 2 liter bottle in the bucket during the hot summer, keeps the water cool.
I have yet to find any nipples anywhere, I have bought many things from Farm tek.... esp insulation to pou my concrete floors on..... I have included the link here......;ft1_poultry_equipment;ft1_poultry_watering_systems.html
duhhhhh.... helps to read all the threads/
how many birds per nipple..... we are down to 39 birds,
I have a 10' piece of PVC, how far apart.... 18" etc
how tall off the ground for 6 week old birds vs full grown birds
I'm really liking this poultry waterer - did it take your birds long to learn to use this?
60° Super Flow Push-In NippleThe ideal poultry and bird nipple for both broiler and layer systems.
• Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry.
• We recommend 12-15 birds per nipple depending on bird type and environmental conditions.
• Does not require a drip cup.
• 360° side action pin.
• Stainless steel, delrin body.
• Sealing components are 100% stainless steel.
• Push-in includes the rubber grommet.
• Tubing drill hole size should be 9.5mm.
from the farmtek link
we bought the nipples from the homesteaders supply, gonna build the system tomorrow the 21st
Thanks for sharing this. I got my free frosting bucket today (buttercream, yummy!) and I've got my nipples hanging out around here (the chicken ones...), just need to get my PVC. :)
Looks great I was looking for something like this. THANK YOU
I bought these last summer when i started getting my chicken and they love them I have buckets hanging in my barn in pullies so that I can ajust the height and i have ducks to and they picked right up on drinking from them.
Right now I'm using bottles with nipples, but I may change to a system like yours. And on eBay they have free shiping on there 99 cent nipples.
I found packs of 5 for $9 on amazon with free shipping. I'm waiting on mine to come in! I'm so excited to get my chickens using them.
I purchased some chicken nipples on Wednesday day from here: and they arrived on Saturday! They were only about $10 for 5 w/ free shipping. Way faster than waiting for them to come from China like the ones I got from Ebay, little more expensive than those but worth not having to wait for them....... This type of chicken waterer is so so so much nicer ;) Highly recommend!
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