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Cincinnati Ohio Chicken Ordinance

Cincinnati Ohio Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this location Yes
Max Chickens Allowed Not Specified
Roosters Allowed No
Permit Required No
Coop Restrictions Manure cleaned out daily
City/Organization Contact name Cincinnati, OH 801 Plum Street Room 150 Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513)352-3243
Additional Information Sec. 701-35. - Care of Fowl Confined in Crates. No person shall confine any fowl in a crate, box, or other receptacle in a cramped or unnatural position or shall overcrowd any crate, box or other receptacle with fowl or fail to provide proper food, water, shelter or sanitation for fowl confined in any receptacle. Sec. 701-37. - Use of Small Fowl as Toys; Mishandling or Dyeing Prohibited. No person shall use any live, newly hatched fowl or bird as a toy or pet, subject it to mistreatment or careless handling or dye it. No person shall sell or give away such fowl to any person in lots of less than six. ยง 00053-11. - Fowl, animals and vermin. (A) No live geese, hens, chickens, pigeons, ducks, hogs, goats, cows, mules, horses or other fowl or animals shall be kept in the city so as to create foul odors or be a menace to the health of neighboring individuals. (C) Manure shall be removed at least once each day and placed in flytight, leakproof, covered containers. Such containers shall be kept clean and shall be disinfected after each emptying. Manure shall be disposed of according to the regulations of the health commissioner.
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This is accurate for Cincinnati. Norwood allows 6 hens. Amberly Village allows 5 hens. Currently St Bernard, North College Hill, and Silverton do not allow chickens. Many of the townships have a 100 ft rule, not livestock buildings within 100 feet of the property line. Colerain Township was/is working on an urban farming ordinance that was tabled as of February, 2011.
The coop does not need to be cleaned daily, but it cannot produce a smell or sanitation hazard. The allowance of roosters is not specified in the ordinance. But it stands to reason that if you have a rooster crowing all day your neighbors are more likle to report you for something just to get rid of the noise. I spoke with the person at the health department who is responsible for coming out to investigate complaints in my zip code (45208) She said they do not get complaints often, but she was usure if that was because people are doing a good job keeping sanitary quarters or the lack of chicken keepers in the city. She stated that should there be a complaint and it is founded she would just tell you to clean it up. No chicken removal or coop removal if you comply. She was really very helpful. It took a few people to get someone to discuss more specifically what the ordinance describes, and it can be broadly interpreted. Then she gave me the number at the health depatment to call, and we discussed minimum standards for cleanliness and hygiene. This was the best thing I could have done. All my current nighbors are aware of out chickens and have no problems with them, but the house behind us is for sale and you never know what new people will think. Glad to have all my ducks in a row. And no, I don't actually have ducks! :)
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