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Dog Crate Brooder



We made the chicken brooder from a wire folding dog crate, spare plywood, tie wraps, chicken wire and a couple scrap pieces of 2x6


Using a wire dog crate we cut plywood 13" tall x the inside length of each side of the dog crate.  We then drilled holes in the plywood and tie wrapped the plywood to the insides of the crate.  We used chicken wire across the door.  We put their water and food up on 2x6's to help keep the woodchips out of the food and water.  The heat lamp can be set on top of the crate on hung inside depending on the heat required.  This type of brooder works well if you need to protect the chicks from dogs and cats.  Since most of the cage is open you need to keep it in a warm area with out drafts.  As the chickens got older we added perchs for them by screwing through the plywood into the ends of branches.  It turned into a great faimily project as Quinn 11 and Maeve 8 did all the work.















Comments (5)

Very nice brooder. Thanks for sharing pictures.
Nice. I love the pictures.
how many chicks was that for and how big was the crate?
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › Dog Crate Brooder