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Egg Color Chart - Find Out What Egg Color Your Breed Lays

I have seen a lot of posts lately about what color(s) a breed lays, So I made a place to find out. Please give me pictures for the chart here:

 Breed Egg Color  Pictures

 blue (the brown egg is not an Ameraucana egg) 


This site:

it has an Ameraucana egg color chart.
 Easter Egger  Blue,Green, are common but can come in any color as the last picture shows
 Ancona  white, bottom egg in the picture.


 Andalusian  white(2nd carton)
  Araucana  Blue (center egg is the Araucana)

 Cream or tinted

(brown egg is the Aseel, white is a store egg)
 Black Australorp  Brown, but mine look pinkish
  Barnevelder   dark brown
 Brahma   brown


 Sicilian Buttercup  white
 Campine   white
 Chantecler  brown
 Cochin  light brown/ cream  
 Cornish  light brown
Mille Fluer  d'Uccles  cream or tinted
 Catalanas  cream or tinted
 Crevecoeurs  white  
 Cubalaya  cream or tinted  
 Delaware  brown
 Dominique  brown

 cream or tinted

The dorking egg is in the top left.
 Dutch Bantam  white
 Faverolle   cream or tinted
  Hamburg  white
 Holland  white  
 Houdan  white  
 Japanese Bantam  cream or tinted
 Java  brown
 Jersey Giant  brown (egg on the left is a Jersey Giant egg)
 La Fleche  white

 Lakenvelder  cream or tinted
 Langshan  Dark brown
 Leghorn  white

Malay  light brown  

 dark brown, but hatchery birds eggs are not always dark


The brown eggs in the top picture are the Marans eggs.


The 2nd picture was taken without a flash and the forth with a flash


The third picture is an egg from my CMs, but it is a weird/long shape.
 Minorca  white
 Modern Games  white
 Turken  light brown  
 New Hampshire Red  brown

 Old English Game

 cream or tinted

In Second picture the 1st egg is a Appenzeller Spithauben and the 2nd is an Old English Game



 Orpington   brown
  Phoenix  cream or tinted
 Polish  white
 Redcap tinted
Rhode Island Red  brown
 Rosecomb  cream or tinted  
 Sebright white
 Silkie  cream or tinted
 Sultan  white
 Sumatra  white
 Sussex  light brown
 Welsummer  dark brown

 White Faced Black Spanish  white
 Wyandotte  brown

 cream or tinted    


yokohama's egg, compared with a normal sized large-fowl egg and a dollar
 Appenzeller Spithauben


First Egg is a Appenzeller Spithauben the second is an Old English Game.


 Egyptian Fayoumi  off-white
 Cream Legbar  Blue-green/Olive  (egg to the far right is the Cream Legbar)
Plymouth Rocks  brown

 Red Sex-links

(Also know as Red Stars,Golden Comet, and about a million other things)

 Penedesece  dark brown
 Icelandic  White  
 Russian Orlofft  Brown with white specks  
 Cream Brabanter  White  

 Black Sex-link

(also known as Black Stars

 Shamo  light brown

Please PM me or post about any mistakes on the thread and thanks to all who donated pictures!

Comments (22)

I like it. Excellent chart.
Love it! Thanks for the info!
I wish my Cuckoo Marans would lay eggs that dark! They are from a hatchery though...
This is a very helpful chart. Thanks for putting this together!
I just asked this question - you had already answered it - Thank you a million times over. I don't need a specific color - based on the correct light - once I have an idea - I can contact a breeder and ask them for that! I was trying to work out if I wanted to eat my Black Jersey Giants - if they were laying the light - long skinny eggs.
Now my quest will be, why do they lay the long eggs. Keep up the good work.
Thank you to everyone who helped with the pics, and also to the person posting them. Really enjoying looking through them.
Thanks for the complements! Just a note pictures for some breeds are still needed and can be donated here:
I'll have to provide you a pic when my white phoenixes start laying again. They lay ice-blue (basically white but blue tinted) eggs
I have nutty orpingtons, they lay from beige to one that's a darkish brown like the Lanshan or New Hampshire, and all colors in-between. They're most likely mutts - came from My Pet Chicken.
Hatcheries do tend to produce birds that lay a variety of shades of eggs as they tend not to breed that carefully to control the quality of some traits.
Thank this really helped! 😄
Thanks for this, just love it.
This is a candidate for a stiky.
Love the chart! What about black stars?
Gogetter they are actually at the bottom of the chart after the orginal set up, because of how I set it up, it's hard to add new ones in ahpibetical order. So as a result they tend to end up at the bottom.
I like your chart it helped me a lot i just got five different breeds of chicks i had ordered and i couldn't find all of their egg colors. :-)
this is great! Thank you!
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