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Holland Chicken Coop "Arthur's Place"

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Arthur's Place is a re-purposed piece.  It was a child's play house in it's previous life. Being made of all cedar and  in great condition it was the perfect base for us to start with.  My husband started with the windows.  He removed the old shutters and trim. Then he replaced them with chicken wire and re-enforced with treated trim inside and out.  Next he re-enforced all joints, shingles, cupola,roof ridge and  front door.  Adding braces inside of treated wood, he prepared the house for the openings to be cut.  He cut one opening for a tunnel leading to their pen, so they can go back and forth safely and he cut another for the addition of the egg boxes off the side.

When all the additions were finished we painted the coop together with BEHR paint in Martha Stewart BARN RED. The Plantation Shutters and flower boxes are made from cedar like the roof shingles.  He added roosting bars for my sweet chickens so there is more than enough room for everybody.


Last but not least.  Everything has been sealed and checked for leaks through out the entire process.

This is a lovely chicken house. Easy to clean. It measures 4' x 6' without the egg boxes, but the egg boxes add another 5 sq. ft. to the coop. That is more than enough room for our 12 chickens and one Roo. I LOVE LOVE that it is a re-purposed piece.We live in the South so Plantation Shutters are the perfect fit for our Southern Chickens. They keep out wind and rain when needed and let in the breeze and sun shine on the great days.


My husband even made the flower boxes for me without being asked to. I just love the coop. It is the cutest. Very easy to clean and gather eggs from. My chickens really seem to like it too.


We live out in the country. The Lake Community where our house and property is located is within a bird sanctuary...We have had to completely cover the top of the chicken pen with chicken wire to keep the Owls and other predators out at night and early evening. There is actually an Owl that stands about 2 feet tall (BIG Guy) who sits in a tree right above my chickens. He ran off with 3 of them before the cover was installed.


Comments (5)

That is absolutely ADORABLE!!!
So sweet!! Great job!
Great use of the kid's former playhouse. Nice work!
I would love to see your inside layout. The outside is picture perfect!
BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans › Holland Chicken Coop "Arthur's Place"