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Homemade Chicken Feeder & Waterer Designs & Pictures

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would like to post a pic or two of my home made red neck feeder. how do I go about it?
these are awesome and'll help me with my future chicks! thnx!
could some one build a freaking waterer with out chicken nipples
I agree with chicken guy...
I don't know how either but if you click on my name okallthis4eggs you can see mine in my photos. Try that Hawgdawg
I made mine in less then 10 minutes, cost next to nothing out of stuff I had at home. Mine are made for 2-4 chickens, not terribly big but very useful and cheap ! If I can post , I will do do I do that?
Has anyone tried rain water capture type waterers? I of course don't want to get the chickens sick on germy water, so it will take a watchful eye, but it seems like a nice easy solution to carrying out heavy buckets of water to the coop on rainy days. I can think of a way to design one, but how dangerous would this be for my chickens? Humans do it...
i tried to make a waterer without chicken nipples -- it didnt work. I used a 5 gal bucket pail with a gamma seal 2 lid and it didnt work. okallthis4eggs i could not find your photos. thanks
Would like to add my solution above but not sure how so here's a link:
I came across this site while getting interested in chickens in the back yard. I also came across this waterer idea and have since built a "Nipple-less" waterer from a rain collector. I am also new here and just registered today. I can post pictures once I figure out how. Or you can email for the plans and idea of how to make it fill automatically without the garden hose or manual use of valves. I look forward to reading more ideas.
I think I may have figured out the 5 gal water thing -- with the lid on top and a hole on the side at the bottom. I got a "clear" 5 gal pail at paint department of Lowes (the better to see the water level : ) a LEAKTITE lid -- I got mine at Home Depot; a big planter saucer or an oil drip pan for the water bowl-- cut to the saucer size. Drill a small hole -- I used a 7/32 drill bit -- on the side, about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the pail. Next pick up the lid and take off the "seal" that goes around the bottom of the lid--- you won't need it. I then dropped in some pop bottle caps into the pail to help make it easier to see the water level. Place the pail in the saucer. Fill the pail with water. Now the tricky part-- put the LEAKTITE lid on titely and quickly. Now gently -- ever so barely lift up on one side of the lid to release a little bit of the pressure. If you open it to much the water won't stop. If it is just right then the water will flow as the birds drink. I'm sorry no pictures.
Carol, you shouldn't have to lift up the lid. The hole should be drilled just below the level where you want the water to stop. When enough water flows out into the pan that it covers the hole no air can get into the bucket and a vacuum is created IF the bucket is airtight. At that point atmospheric pressure keeps any further water from coming out. When the birds drink then the water level comes down below the hole and air can get in allowing the water to flow out utill the hole is again covered.
Here's a fun little video showing the principle
and one more related to chickens and these waterers
Great ideas, but has anyone looked into the safety of some of these plastics? I use plastic bins to store feed but get them from feed stores or restaurant supply places so I can be sure they are food-safe.
How does one post a system to this section of the forum? i have a great auto watering system to show off.
How do I get my automatic watering system posted to this section of the forum?
I would like to post mine too!!
how do I upload pictures of my homemade feeder??
Has anyone figured out how to post their pictures? I too have a homemade waterer that I just finished and would like to share.
I would Also like to post on this page as well with the feeder I just finished building today ^^ Anyone know how?
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