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《Human After All》

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《Clone Manipulation Investigation》

Name: Thomas Shyr Mythe 
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): C.M.I
Personality: Thomas Mythe has a brilliant mind, which has brought him great success in his life, but it is most often the most intelligent people who suffer the insanity.

Thomas has been known for curing many sicknesses, but that didn't happen without bloodshed. He has experimented on many people illegally, and as long as he can uncover new scientific discoveries, he doesn't care who suffers. Not even himself.

Thomas is insane, but if you want to know all the elements of the periodic table in order, he's your man.
History: Most people are too afraid to ask him...Or he is asked and just doesn't care to answer.
Picture/Description: Tall and lanky with glasses and usually gloves. Mythe has dark brown (kind of) neat hair, pale skin from spending so much time in his lab, and ice blue eyes. He has lots of scars on his hands, but he's done so much dangerous weirdness that no one cares to ask how he got them.
Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Neither. He just does the experiments and medical jobs, not anything that involves trapping or catching.
Motives: Science. That's about it.
Weapon: While Mythe tends to have tons of poison around him that he can use to defend himself, he also keeps a small gun under his lab coat just in case.
Username: Garjzla

Name: Jaxson Pole
Age: 23
Gender: male
Species: Human
Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): C.M.I security
Personality: Quiet, but not antisocial. He enjoys a good conversation but doesn't get much of it, as his job leaves him singular most times. He's clever and observant, but his parents thought otherwise, so they found him a simple job as security guard and focused on finding his sister a more prominent job as a doctor.
History: Jaxson has about as average a history as a guy born during an alien war can have. He and his sister were raised by their very anti-alien parents with the knowledge that as soon as they came of age, they would join the cause to rid the earth of the aliens. And that's exactly what Jaxson's done. He didn't prove to be very intelligent or much of a fighter at first, so he was given guard duty. He's been doing the same job for the past four years, and despite the monotony that his parents told him came with guarding, he's enjoyed it.

Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Guard
Motives: Staying alive (#goaloftheyear)
Weapon: A revolver always worn at his hip, a Swiss Army knife, and a taser XD
Username: Silkiecuddles
Other: Ba ba black sheep.
Oh, also, he's Vanessa's younger brother, if that isn't obvious enough yet.

Name: Vanessa Pole
Age: 27
Gender: female
Species: Human
Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): C.M.I.
Personality: Vanessa is confident, intelligent, and maybe a little full of herself. She can be rather brusque and demanding sometimes, but only if the situation requires it.
History: Childhood same as Jaxson's, but at 18, she proved to be more useful to the cause. With her intelligence and strategical mindset, as well as her parent's money and connections, she was able to intern under a prominent doctor.
Occasionally Jaxson's loyalties would come in question, so when their parents died a few years ago, she took it upon herself to keep an eye on her him, making sure he stayed safe and on the right side of the cause.

Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Neither
Motives: As a doctor with the protection of the C.M.I, she isn't so worried about staying alive herself as keeping her brother well and out of trouble
Weapon: Revolver kept in a coat pocket, as well as a taser because tasers are the coolest
Username: Silkiecuddles
Other: Older sister to Jaxson Pole


Name: Artemis
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): Contender Spy
Personality: Feirce, Driven, Ruthless, Independent, Intelligent, Outgoing yet Withdraw when it comes to her past.
History: Both Artemis' mother and father were executed for treason after the C.M.I., whom they had been working for, discovered their loyalty lied with the Contenders plan for peace. Raised by an older brother, Artemis learned while she was young that she was willing to die for what she believes. She learned quickly how to fight and defend herself, and after becoming an adult, began to work for C.M.I. while secretly a spy for the contenders, as her brother was also. Soon after Artemis' brother was executed, and with his death revealing her unloyatly towards the C.M.I. was imprisoned. She is kept alive only so that her enemies may torture her in the hope that she might eventually give information on the Contenders.

Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Prisoner
Motives: She did only what she was raised to, eventually learning that she alone could decide on whose side she belonged, and upon becoming alley to the Contenders knew that she was willing to sacrifice her life for their cause; as her family did before her.
Weapon: Two daggers kept hidden inside the boots she wears.
Username: Run Wild



Name: Aya Pearl Mythe
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Clone
Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): 
Personality: Serious, smart, and cold hearted. She is rather depressed and usually angry, for she doesn't really understand anything about her life and is confused.
History: Aya is a clone of Thomas Mythe's younger sister, though she doesn't know much about the person she was cloned from and knows absolutely nothing about her family. Aya has managed to live among people by simply avoiding socializing much, wearing tons of bracelets to cover her brand, and working as a doctor to stay wealthy and take care of herself. Though through all these years she still can't understand her existence. 
Dark brown hair, amber eyes.
Prisoner/Captor/Neither: Neither
Motives: Just to live and try to see the world past this war. Though those motives are disappearing rather quickly.
Weapon: Mace and a pocket knife she usually carries in her purse.
Username: Garjzla

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what does this have to do with back yard chickens
Welovechickens.There is a Games, Jokes & Fun section in Social and ((Human After All)) is a Role Play and this is the Character Page.
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