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Jacob Torba's A Frame Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Designs

I built a new chicken coop because the old one was in a horrible place and looks terrible .
it's in a triangle shape that's useful for snowy areas snow will easily fall off
when we started building it we took a lot of wood for the bottom, 3
horizontal 3 vertical then a square frame. The skeleton consists of
triangles made out of 2 cut pieces then everything is covered with
planks. One of it's features is the mesh floor floor. Sometimes the
chunks of chicken poop gets stuck but the poop that doesn't get stuck
gets diced and is good for composting. Meshed floor costs less than
wood and is easy to clean just use water. Soon to be installed an
automatic door.





That's my chicken coop summary.

Comments (3)

I like it.  Simple, functional, easy on the eyes. =)
Wire really is not good for their feet. Wire with bedding on it is often used to aerate a deep litter, but not typically just straight wire. I especially would not advise no bedding in cold climates. You have to add carbon to compost at some point, might as well be at the stage the chickens see it. It can also cause damage to their feet.
BackYard Chickens › Coop Designs › Jacob Torba's A Frame Chicken Coop