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Kidcody's Page

Pure English Silver Laced Orpingtons


Silver hen 08-18-14 004.JPG


Pure English Silver Laced Orpington hen...



                              Pure English Keith's Orpington......the keith's Orpington bloodline is exceptionally large


     "Chicks and hatching eggs for sale"







Pure English Silver Laced ''Captain"




Autumn Farm Orpingtons






Spangle/Mottle Orpington Rooster, Spencer



Spangle/Mottle Orpington 8 month old hen



Juvenile Spangle/Mottle pullets



"Tony"...Pure English Orpington, Black Rooster, RIP my special friend

RIP    "Tony" Pure English Orpington,  Black Rooster....



If you have any questions on any of my English Orpingtons me please contact me byc    I do answer all emails.  Thank you!





English Lavender Orpington hens


English Lavender hens


                                                     Jubilee Orpington Hen





Jubilee Rooster



            All of my chickens are Pure English Orpingtons

We are dedicated to preserving the Pure English Orpington........

 If you have any questions please ask.....we area friendly chicken breeding farm and love to talk chickens!


Shipping available

NPIP certified flock

Breeding ....... I do not mass produce my English Orpingtons.

Jubilee avaiable

LF Chocolate Orpingtons.....just started hatching, limited available

Chocolate bantam Orpingtons, available

Spangle/Mottle available

Silver laced Orpingtons .....will be selling on rarebreedsauctions this early amount.

Gold laced available

Pure English Lavender Orpingtons......... limited available

Partridge Orpingtons........... limited available available

Red Orpington........... limited available available

Black Orpingtons, we breed a small amount 5th generations of all black lines........ limited available

Blue Orpingtons 5th generations of all blue available

Splash Orpingtons 5th generations of all Splash available


                         "Thank you for taking the time to look at my chickens"

                     The name "Kidcody" comes from my favorite cats name.                                        


Large fowl Chocolates




Spangle/Mottle Orpington rooster

"The Foundation Father"




English Spangle/Mottle Orpington chicks










Partridge Orpington hen and rooster


Partridge Orpington chicks available (limited amount)


Partridge Orpington







Large Fowl Chocolates (Pullets)





Chocolate Orpingtons bantams

"Snickers" SOLD



























 Pure English Lavender Orpingtons Chicks






Farm photos     





















Toby & Daisy                     





                   Coco & Candy  English Lavender hens






















Autumn Farm Orpingtons

Breeding other beautiful English Orpingtons





Comments (36)

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!
I do love spangles and speckled chickens!
Stunning! ~Charm1704
OMG! They are AMAZING! i LOVE the Lavenders!!!! Just figured out how to view peoples pics!! Thanks for sharing!!
Very Nice indeed!
Absolutely stunning chickens! You must be so proud of your breeding program! Do you sell eggs for hatching?
Forgot to add that I want Jubilee and Lavendar Orp eggs.
You really have some nice chickens. You are a real asset to the chicken world.
OMFG!! ı cant beleive my eyes. What a beatiful chicken 'the lavendar'
Wow you have truly beautiful birds!
They are all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I think the partridge are my faves along with the goose...I never seen a goose like this!!! Blessings :)
You have chocolates, very nice.
Than you for all the nice compliments!
You have very nice chickens. :D Do you breed them? PM me!
Holy Cow!!!!! What beautiful birds!!!
Louise cannot thank you enough for Jasper
First time I am on your page.....Your babies are so beautiful!! You must be so proud!! You have a lovely farm!!
Oh, my, I would love to have just one of those lovely lavendar girls! What a beautiful bunch you have.
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