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"Skip" son of Captain, originally imported from England.



Autumn Farm Orpingtons







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01-31-15 Silver Skip 089.JPG

Autumn Farm Orpingtons

"Cooper" our Spangle/Mottle Orpington rooster, imported England

"Skip" is our number one main Pure English Silver Laced Orpington rooster (100% Keith's Orpington Bloodlines, England)





Pure English Spangle Hen, one of Copper's daughters.

Breeding quality Pure English Orpingtons

Skip's father,(Captain) who was originally imported from England, brought to the United States by Bob Follows, the creator of the Silver Laced and many other Orpington colors. Skip is one of a kind and a very special part of our lives, from his super docile personality and he enjoys to be held even with his exceptionally huge size. At his top weight, he weighed in at over 16 lbs! which is exceptionally large for a English Orpington. We have a number of his offspring on our farm that mimic Skip in every way. All of our chickens are free range during the day on green fields and brought into secure housing at night away from predators. All of our chickens are released during the day in spacious outdoor pens with plenty of trees for shade along with water misters to keep cool on these extra warm days. We treat our chickens and all of our animals like are own children, every life is precious to us. And every step is made to make them feel comfortable in their spacious homes. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any of our animals. We are a small farm and occasionally sell a few of our offspring's and occasionally sell and ship a small number of hatching eggs.

Skip daughters and sons






Comments (35)

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!
I do love spangles and speckled chickens!
Stunning! ~Charm1704
OMG! They are AMAZING! i LOVE the Lavenders!!!! Just figured out how to view peoples pics!! Thanks for sharing!!
Very Nice indeed!
Absolutely stunning chickens! You must be so proud of your breeding program! Do you sell eggs for hatching?
Forgot to add that I want Jubilee and Lavendar Orp eggs.
You really have some nice chickens. You are a real asset to the chicken world.
OMFG!! ı cant beleive my eyes. What a beatiful chicken 'the lavendar'
Wow you have truly beautiful birds!
They are all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I think the partridge are my faves along with the goose...I never seen a goose like this!!! Blessings :)
You have chocolates, very nice.
Than you for all the nice compliments!
You have very nice chickens. :D Do you breed them? PM me!
Holy Cow!!!!! What beautiful birds!!!
Louise cannot thank you enough for Jasper
First time I am on your page.....Your babies are so beautiful!! You must be so proud!! You have a lovely farm!!
Oh, my, I would love to have just one of those lovely lavendar girls! What a beautiful bunch you have.
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